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Adesso Tru-Form Media - Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard With Hotkeys (Model Pck-208B)

The Adesso Tru-Form Media - Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard with Hotkeys, model PCK-208B, is an expanded keyboard designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome and other disabilities of the hand or wrist. This ergonomically designed split keyboard features a split-key and sloped 3-D design that conforms to natural arm and hands positions intended to reduce tension in shoulders, arms and wrists. It has built-in wrist supports, 8 multi-media hot keys for one-touch access to multimedia f

Comfort Keyboard, Ergomagic Keyboard, & Ergoflex Keyboard

The Comfort Keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetetive motion injuries, disabilities of the wrist or hand, or limited range of motion. This keyboard splits a traditional expanded keyboard into three independently movable sections attached to a track. Each section is capable of rotatating 360 degrees and tilting 0 to 90 degrees. The order of the three sections can be arranged according to the user's needs. This programmable ke

Discover:ke:nx Evaluation Set

The Discover:Ke:nx Evaluation Set is a keyboard interface kit designed to offer a wide range of computer access features for multiple users with physical disabilities. The package includes Ke:nx, PCA Checklist, Big:Calc, Kids in Action Icon Gallery, Key Largo, Macintosh TouchWindow; KeyGuard 128 for Key Largo, DJ (Don Johnston) Switch Kit, and Write:Outloud (see also separate entries). COMPATIBILITY: For use on Macintosh computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: ADB port, hard drive, 8 megabytes RAM, an

Evolution Keyboard

The Evolution Keyboard is an expanded ergonomic split keyboard designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive motion injuries or other disabilities of the hand or wrist or with limited range of motion. This keyboard comes in two sections and comes with a right- or left-mounted touch pad. Models are available for use on a desktop, with a Waterloo Arm for chair or desk mounting, or with a chair mount. When mounted to a chair or desk with the Waterloo Arm, the keybo

Expanded Keyboard

The Expanded Keyboard is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This smooth, flat keyboard has a clear plastic cover that can be peeled back to permit the use of overlays or to clean the keys. The square keys are active over the entire key area and the built-in delay to accept feature enables the time a key is activated for the character to be entered and the time before a key repeats to be adjusted. A hand, foot, or stylus can glide over the keyboard and the key is n

Gewa Ftb 108 Enlarged Keyboard

The GEWA FTB 108 is an enlarged keyboard for personal computers. The keyboard has 108 keys which can be used with a low amount of force; the enlarged keys corresponds to the standard keyboard keys. The keys are recessed so that they can not be pressed unintentionally. Operation delay and repetition rate functions can be set to limit the number of wrong keystrokes. A "keep-function" allows one-finger typists to activate the CRTL and ALT keys one at a time rather than simultaneously. A programmabl

Goldtouch & Goldtouch For Mac Adjustable Keyboard

The Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard and Goldtouch for Mac Adjustable Keyboard are split expanded keyboards designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive motion disabilities, limited upper extremity range of motion, or other upper extremity disabilities. This keyboard physically splits in the center, allowing each section to be independently adjusted for optimal use. Each section can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees both vertically and horizontally. The small size


IntelliKeys is a modified and expanded keyboard for children and adults with visual, physical or cognitive disabilities. The standard system includes one cable and six plastic user overlays, (arrows, numbers, alphabet, basic writing, QWERTY, and one setup overlay used to adjust IntelliKeys for specials needs such as keyboard response and repeat rate). The overlays enable users to access standard learning software and are easy to see, touch and understand. They can be used at home or work and rot

Keyboard With Keyguard

The Keyboard with Keyguard is a modified keyboard designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Available in a standard Windows keyboard with Windows keys, a 101-key mini keyboard, or an extended Macintosh keyboard, the keyboard comes with a pre-attached unbreakable Lexan keyguard with smoothly-finished holes properly aligned with each key to eliminate unwanted keystrokes. COMPATIBILITY: Models are available for use with IBM and compatible computers with AT/PS2 connection or

King Keyboard (Model 2440)

King Keyboard is an expanded keyboard designed with large widely spaced keys for individuals with gross motor skills and a large range of motion. The keys are slightly recessed so that the board's surface acts as a keyguard and the keys provide tactile and auditory feedback on contact. Frequency of use layout places the most frequently used letters toward the center of the keyboard, which may help expedite text entry and minimize fatique. Operating the keys requires 200 gm of pressure. When used

Literacy Pack

The Literacy Pack is a set of access and literacy items, including a keyboard interface, a voice output word processor program, and a spelling tutorial program, designed for use by individuals with cognitive, visual, and upper extremity disabilities. This package includes IntelliKeys and IntelliTalk (see separate entries) by IntelliTools and Spell-A-Word (see separate entry). COMPATIBILITY: Versions are available for use with Macintosh computers or IBM and compatible computers equipped with Wind

Maltron Expanded Keyboard

The Maltron Expanded Keyboard is an expanded keyboard designed for use by individuals with fine motor or other upper extremity disabilities, upper extremity amputation, or tremors. The keyboard may be placed on the floor or fixed at the foot of a bed for typing with toes. This keyboard features strong steel construction to withstand heavy use and a polyester coating for a smooth, wipe-clean surface. The large surface area and built-in key guard are designed to reduce keyboard errors. The unit is

Nu-Form Keyboard & Tru-Form Keyboard

The Nu-Form and Tru-Form Keyboards are expanded ergonomically-designed keyboards designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome and other disabilities of the hand and wrist. These keyboards feature built-in wrist supports, ergonomically-designed numeric keypads, and split keyboard layouts. The personal computer (PC) versions have an expanded 105-key layout with Windows keys; dual alt, shift, and control keys for right- and left-handed users; 12 function keys; and a split spacebar, w

Proportional Keystroke Scanner

The Proportional Keystroke Scanner is an input device that plugs directly into an electric typewriter for simple communication and text editing, or can be used with a personal computer or terminal for more sophisticated tasks. Keystrokes are generated by manipulating a small display via small pressures generated using a sip and puff mouthpiece. It is operated by scanning characters at a rate that is proportional to user applied vacuum. The system consists of a display module with all the charact

Versakey (Model 2508)

VersaKey is an expanded keyboard designed to record, save, and recall up to 14,000 keystrokes (simple to complex) with its 60 special application keys. This independent keyboard can replace the user's existing keyboard. Additional features include sending batch commands to DOS, budgeting instructions to a spreadsheet, and sending standard paragraphs to a word processor. This product allows its users to move from system to system without retraining or duplication. COMPATIBILITY: For use on Apple

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