Remote Health Monitoring System

Results: 7 is a remote health monitoring system designed for use by medical researchers and health care providers. The platform has a web-based dashboard for researchers and healthcare providers, and a mobile phone app for patients. Healthcare providers and researchers can invite patients to install the mobile application on their phone. The mobile application (or app) runs in the background of a mobile phone that uses the Android operating system. It collects passive (phone sensor) and active (

Health Buddy

Health Buddy is a remote health monitoring system designed for use for home monitoring of seniors and individuals with disabilities. The device connects to any standard phone line and contains a brightly lit liquid crystal display (LCD) screen with four touch buttons. The user answers and reviews personalized health questions and receives reminders about their condition on a daily basis. The information is automatically transmitted via standard telephone line to a secure data center, from which

Home Bone Therapy

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: The Bone Repair Therapy prototype device allows patients to self-administer electrotherapy and ultrasound treatment to fresh fractures and non-union fractures after a cast has been set. When a cast has been set for a broken limb, it will incorporate a docking plate, where the Bone Repair Therapy device will later be placed. The patient is given the device and instructions. At home, the patient removes the device from the induction charging station and places i


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of an iPhone application that allows individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disabilities to monitor their conditions and share this information with their treatment teams without paying for costly visits to medical facilities. Researchers at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have developed a an iPhone application, iTrem, allowing users to monitor Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions by collecting d


QuietCare is a remote health monitoring and emergency alert system designed for use by seniors or individuals with Alzheimer's disease, cognitive disabilities, or balance disabilities. This system consists of five small, wireless motion sensors placed in strategic locations throughout the home, such as the bedroom, the bathroom, and areas where medication is stored. This system "learns" each individual's normal behavioral patterns and notes any significant changes from them. The system reports d

System One Remstar Pro & Remstar Auto

The System One REMstar Pro and REMstar Auto are apnea respiration monitors and sleep therapy systems designed for use by individuals with sleep apnea. The system automatically optimizes a patient's CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) pressure settings, while EncoreAnywhere allows the user's physician to remotely monitor events recorded by the unit and adjust the CPAP settings remotely if required by the readings. After a period of optimization, it provides fixed CPAP therapy, which adjust


WellDoc is a remote health monitoring system and medication reminder program designed for use by individuals with diabetes. The system operates through the user's cell phone or other mobile devices or Web portals. The three components of the system are real-time patient coaching, expert system tools, and decision support tools. Patient coaching tools include testing and medication reminders, metabolic target ranges, out-of-bounds alert, and caregiver alerts and support. Expert system tools inclu

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