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Grasping Aid for Hand

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Granny Jo Dignity Mug

The Granny Jo Dignity Mug is a ceramic mug with two handles designed for those with decreased dexterity such as arthritis and grasping disabilities to allow for increased stability and control while drinking. The user can grasp the outside of both handles, slide a few fingers through the handle openings, or hold the body directly. It provides additional stability for shaky hands from hand tremors. The two handles provide a secure grip, making it ideal for those with limited hand strength, flexib

2-Lever Great Grips

The 2-Lever Great Grips are grasping aids for a door knob designed for use by individuals with arthritis, grasping disabilities, or upper extremity neuromuscular disabilities. Designed for round or awkward door knobs, this device has two flat levers that extend from opposite sides of the grip. The levers that are intended to make it easier to turn door knobs with a closed fist, elbow, or even a single finger. The Great Grips are made of soft material that easily stretches to fit the knob and bec

6760 Utensil Handles

The 6760 Utensil Handles are foam holders that fit into palm of the hand. The holders have a hole in the center for eating utensils, personal hygiene items, activity brushes and crayons, and other items. The holders have an anchor strap that goes around the back of the hand, are contoured, and adjustable for fit. These devices may also be used as hand exercisers. SIZES: Small (1-inch diameter x 3 inches) and Large (1.5-inch diameter x 3.75 inches). COLOR: Blue, orange or red.

6766 Toy Holder

The 6766 Toy Holder is an adjustable grasping aid for the hand designed to allow a person without the ability to grasp to interact with a small toy in their hand. This snap on device has 2 Velcro bands used to hold a toy in place, and 3/4-inch webbing straps with snap closure that wrap around the palm and wrist. SIZE: One size fits all. COLOR: Rainbow strapping.

Ableware 708500002 Porcupine Ball

The Porcupine Ball is for finger exercise, grip improvement and various games of skill. It stimulates sensory perception and improves flexibility and strength in the fingers. Hundreds of soft, rounded porcupine quills cover its surface. When used in combination with other types of balls, it can be useful for tactile discrimination activities including form, size, and weight.

Ableware 708590000 Textured Ring

The Texture Ring is designed for people with grasping and fine motors disabilities. The Texture Ring is a flexible and resilient plastic hand exerciser with eight rows of soft porcupine quills that provide tactile stimulation.

Ableware Door Knob Gripper

The ABLEWARE Door Knob Gripper is a grasping aid for hand designed for use by individuals with arthritis of the hand or fingers or other grasping disabilities. The Gripper fits over round door knobs and outdoor water faucets. The outside is smooth to the touch and the inside is ribbed to firmly grip the door knob. With this device, knobs can be turned with the stroke of the hand, and no hand strength is required.

Ableware Tko Turning Knob Operator (Model H75310)

The Ableware TKO Turning Knob Operator is designed to assist individuals with limited manual strength or dexterity to grasp, turn, and open any non-round control knob or appliance handle. The turner consists of a large T-handle attached to a large round base with retractable pins on its bottom. When the turner is pressed onto a knob the pins contacting with the knob’s surface retract, while the remaining pins surround the knob for a secure grip. The turner can be used on irregular knobs, includi

Action Life Glove (Model Ag01)

The Action Life Glove is a gasping aid for hand designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or severe physical, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities. Available for the right or left hand, this glove is a double tunnel loop glove with two loops or straps. The smaller hook strap aids in grasping handles of pool cues, ping pong paddles, fishing rods, brushes, etc. The larger strap runs through a palmar loop and forms a closed fist for use with gym machines, free weights, etc. W

Adapt-A-Grip System

The Adapt-A-Grip System is a grasping aid for the hand designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or grasping disabilities. This system enables individuals with limited or no hand function to independently use and switch between such items as eating utensils, brushes, cups, electric razors, toothbrushes, phones, and others. Objects are attached to adaptors with zip ties or Velcro straps (both included). Once objects are attached, they can be loaded into the accessory holder which se

Adapting Puzzles

“DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRY ----- PURPOSE: To provide several do-it-yorself options for adapting puzzles for children with grasping and fine motor skill disabilities. First, cut notches into the side of the puzzles pieces to make them easier to grasp. A second method reqires adding handles of some kind to the puzzle pieces (i.e. a knob, empty thread spool, or section of dowel rod). If the puzzle came with knobs, but they are too small, replace them with larger knobs. Third, if the child cannot grasp

All Inclusive Lend-A-Hand

The All Inclusive Lend-A-Hand is a forearm cuff tool holder or grasping aid designed to help people with grasping disabilities, upper extremity disabilities or hand amputees to hold a variety of objects that have a narrow handle, including golf clubs, tools, brooms, mops, rakes shovels and paint brushes. The All Inclusive Lend-A-Hand is a long pocket constructed of heavy-duty fabric that is firmly attached to the user’s forearm by three straps that fasten with snaps. Five interchangeable, revers

Arthwriter Hand Aid, The (Model F73514)

The Arthwriter Hand Aid, model F73514, is a grasping aid designed to provide grip assistance to individuals with hand or finger disabilities, particularly arthritis, missing fingers, or persons wearing hand casts. The device may be used to holds pencils, pens, razors, toothbrushes, or other utensils. The unit consists of a plastic ball with a 0.75-inch central hole. An enlarged thumbscrew on the side clamps the handle of the item inserted into the hole to secure it. DIMENSIONS: Ball is 3 inches


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a prosthetic device that allows children who have no fingers write with a pen or pencil. A team of girl scouts from Iowa, ages 11 through 13, came up with a design that assisted a 3-year-old girl born without fingers on her right hand to write. The device, called BOB-1, is a platform strapped to an arm with a cylindrical holder that can be used to hold a pen, pencil, or similar tool. With the device attached to her hand, the three-year-o

Buckingham Coolhand Plate Gripper (Model 16K029A)

The Buckingham Coolhand Plate Gripper, model 16K029A, is a grasping aid for the hand designed for use by individuals with arthritis or limited hand strength. Using leverage to lift plates, the entire hand-like gripper carries the weight. This non-slip, easy-to-clean device grips and releases most plates as if using the hand and there are no dirt traps.

Card Holder

---- “DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a card holder for individuals with grasping disabilities. To create this DIY card holder, put the lids together, top to top and lay them on a table. Then put one of the buttons in the center of the stacked lids. With the needle, poke two holes through the button holes into the center of the tub lids. Finally, pick up the stacked items and place the second button over the holes on the back side and sew together. Coffee can tops can be used

Cigarette Lighter

The Cigarette Holder is a grasping aid for hands of quadriplegics who cannot light his/her own cigarettes without the aid of an attendant. A commercial cigarette lighter is mounted on the end of a 3 mm diameter antennae wire, and mounted to a wheelchair armrest. The lighter runs off the wheelchair's power supply. The unit can be grabbed easily and pulled towards the user. The power switch has an extension, enabling it to be activated by a user with limited manual dexterity. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT

Crayon Holder

“DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRYPURPOSE: To create an adaptive crayon holder for children with grasping and fine motor skill disabilities. Take a 35-millimeter film canister and cut an "X" in the bottom and top. Insert the crayon through the Xs. Using both top and bottom of canister makes the crayon more stable. MATERIALS: Discarded 35 millimeter film canister (available for free from any store that does film processing) and crayon. TOOLS: Utility Knife. TITLE: Adapted Crayon Holder JOURNAL: Ideas to shar

Curtain Opener

The Curtain Opener is designed to enable users with poor finger or hand grip and manual dexterity to use a curtain drawstring. The device consists of a metal bracelet which fits around the user's fingers. An aluminum clamping component is attached to the bracelet and provides a means to grab the curtain drawstring. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Developed by Paul Cermak for users with limited hand dexterity or arthritis for gripping curtain drawstrings or blinds.

Dog Leash

The Dog Leash is a grasping aid for the hand designed to provide a dog leash that is easy to release and lock by a person with weak hands or limited manual dexterity. The standard brass snap shackle fitting from a sailboat is fixed to the end of a 3-inch leather wrapped extension. There is a large ring attached to the plunger on the snap shackle for easier grasping. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by Andre Paquette for pet owners with reduced dexterity who have difficulty operating the fittings

Easy Gas Cap Remover

The Easy Gas Cap Remover is designed for individuals with arthritis and/or persons who have difficulty opening things that require hand strength and coordination. This product has a long handle that slides over the gas cap of a car. It includes 3 different universal adapters to fit most vehicles.

Easy-Hold Hand Clip

The Easy-Hold Hand Clip is designed for individuals with arthritis or reduced hand strength. It is a spring-action clip and it attaches to books, brushes, phones and bottles with hook-and-loop closure.

Enlarged ADL Cuff/Vinyl ADL Cuff

The Enlarged Grasp ADL Cuff and the Vinyl ADL Cuff are cuffs designed for people with limited dexterity to hold objects in their hand. Its increased area makes it easier for individuals to grasp a utensil or handle similar objects in activities of daily living. The Vinyl ADL Cuff attaches to the hand with a clear hook and loop strap. It fits any user and the utensil will and slides into place. When done, it wipes away clean.

Eye Dropper

The Eye Dropper is a grasping aid and liquid medication guide designed to enable users with weak upper body strength, manual dexterity, or spasticity to apply eye drops with a standard eye dropper bottle. The device is a metal clamp consisting of machined aluminum, steel tubing, and plastic. The user places the eye dropper bottle in the holder at the top, then grasps the device by the two long handles at the bottom. The device is then raised up to the head, with the bottle positioned over the ey

Forearm Gripper (Model 1496)

DISCONTINUED. (Verified 09/2013) RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. The Forearm Gripper, model 1496, is a grasping aid consisting of a caliper-type clamp that attaches to the forearm. The device is activated by an external capability switch to allow persons with limited manual motor functions to grasp and release objects at a workstation or in activities of daily living.

Functional Hand Weights

The Functional Hand Weights is designed for individuals with spinal cord injury or severe physical, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities. It can be used for controlling (multiple sclerosis) MS or Parkinson's disease tremors during feeding, writing, or during other uses. The device is reinforced nylon with heavily bound edges, weighted with lead-free steel shots. Weights are secured with an extra-long Velcro brand wrap-around strap.

General Purpose Gripping Aid (Model Ah1)

The General Purpose Gripping Aid, model AH1, is a grasping aid for the hand designed for use by individuals with grasping and upper extremity disabilities. This device features an adjustable padded wrist strap that extends over the back of the hand. Another strap that extends from the top of the hand over the palm to the inside of the wrist can be tightened to help the user to form a fist to grasp a variety of items. The General Purpose Gripping Aid is made of heavy-duty fabric with padding, a

Glow In The Dark Gripper (Model 16H162A)

The Glow In The Dark Gripper, model 16H162A, is an illuminated door knob gripper designed for individuals with low vision or fine motor or grasping disabilities. Exposure to bright light or sunlight recharges the power of this device. Illuminating power lasts up to eight hours keeping door knobs visible in a dark room for greater safety.

Grasp Pad.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Piece of foam rubber used as a base to hold parts or tools, enabling someone with limited grasp capability to pick things up. A piece of foam rubber of the desired size and resiliency is placed on the regular work surface. The resiliency of the material makes it easier for small items placed on it to be picked up. COMMENTS: For further information contact: Leonard Anderson, Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas Rehabilitation Engineering Center,

Grasping Aid For Damp Hands

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual who uses a wheelchair to transfer safely. To keep sweaty hands from compromising a grip during transferring and toileting, use a rosin bag, available at sporting goods stores, like the ones baseball pitchers use. A pat of rosin on the palms of the hands aids on gripping surfaces without being sticky or messy. MATERIALS: Rosin bag. AUTHOR: Labbe, A. TITLE: Quest Extra: Doing It Yourself. JOURNAL: Quest. WEB SITE: http://www.mda.org/publica

Grasping Cuff With Wrist Support (Model 9464)

The Grasping Cuff with wrist support, model 9464, is a grasping aid for hand designed to provide grasping capabilities for people with limited hand function and good arm strength. The Grasping Cuff fastens around the wrist with a D- ring Velcro closure. One end wraps over the fingers to form a closed fist around the handle of a racquet, pool cue, pole, etc. The cuff is made of suede leather and lined with Dycem to prevent slipping, and fits the right or left hand.

Great Grips

Great Grips are door knob or faucet covers designed for use by individuals with arthritis, grasping disabilities, or little or no manual dexterity or strength to open doors or turn faucets. These soft thermoplastic sleeves slip over existing rounded door knobs or faucets. Made of a soft latex-free material, they have a smooth surface to assist in turning. Options include built-in AgION antimicrobial, a combination of silver ions bonded to a ceramic material called zeolite; built-in glow-in-the-d

Homecraft Utensil Set and Assessment Kit, Model 81565175

Homecraft Utensil Set and Assessment Kit comes with light-weight eating utensils and handles. This set features versatility with a range of stainless steel utensils that can be interchanged in a choice of easy grip PVC handles. The utensil is easily pushed or screwed into the chosen handle and can be easily removed. Is designed for people with grasping or upper extremity disabilities. 

Human Grasp Assist

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a robotic glove that can be used by people with grasping disabilities and others at risk for repetitive stress injury. The Human Grasp Assist, also known as the K-Glove or the Robo-Glove, uses sensors built into the fingertips of the gloves that automatically tighten the actuators in the fingers to provide the wearer with a better grip of the object being held. The Human Grasp Assist helps reduce the amount of force required to grip an o

Independence One-Handled Clear Cup, Model 1455

The Independence One-Handled Clear Cup is designed to use by people with upper extreme amputation or disabilities. Is is made of translucent polypropylene to allow monitoring of hot and cold liquid intake. Lids are interchangeable among all beverage containers providing versatility and practicality.

Jar Opener

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To provide a custom adaptation of a jar opener for individuals with hand paralysis to unscrew the lid from a variety of jar sizes. A standard vise was modified by bounding a 1-inch thick strip of hard rubber to each jaw face. Each rubber strip has a “v” cut out of the center to allow firm gripping the jar. The vise is mounted to a convenient counter space. The second component consists of a plastic handle with a cam on the end. A 1-inch canvas webbin

Jar Opening Gloves

The Jar Opening Gloves are grasping aids for the hands designed to facilitate opening jar lids for individuals with grasping disabilities, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or wrist pain. These knit gloves have rubberized raised nubs on the fingers and palms that help users to tightly grip any size jar with ease. When purchased as a pair, these gloves allow the user to use one hand to grip the jar in position and the other to twist the jar lid open without having to apply excessive pressure to

Key Turner

The Key Turner by Maddak improves both grip and turning leverage when using a key. A single key is secured to the turner with a binding post. The handle has two large finger holes for extra control.

Kinsman Parkinsons Deluxe Weighted Kit, Model 557140

Kinsman Parkinson's Deluxe Weighted is designed for people who experience tremors. The cutlery gives stability to the user to help them eat independently. 

Looped Exercise Aids (Model Ah3)

The Looped Exercise Aids, model AH3, are grasping aids for the hand and exercise cuffs designed for use by individuals with grasping and upper extremity disabilities. This device is made of fabric loops attached to adjustable padded wrist straps. This device is intended to assist users to grip exercise equipment. When exercise is performed, the loops are slipped over the handles to grip items such as rowing oars, indoor rowing machines and other types of gym and fitness equipment. SIZES: One siz

Maddagrip Universal Built-Up Grip (Model F74616)

The Maddagrip Universal Built-up Grip, model F74616, is a mouth-inflatable utensil holder designed to provide an enlarged gripping area on eating or writing instruments. The fill tube recesses flush with the surface. When deflated, the unit folds flat for transport or storage. DIMENSIONS: 4.5 x 2.5 x 1.75 inches, inflated.

Magnetic Wand 7.5In

The Magnetic Wand 7.5in is a magnetic grasping aid for hand for persons with limited manual dexterity. The wand has a magnet on one end, and was designed for use with the World Wide Games Bingo Chips (see separate entry) so the chips are easier to move on the board and to pick up. COLOR: Assorted. DIMENSIONS: 7.5 inches long.

Milbat Universal Cuff

The Milbat Universal Cuff is a grasping aid for hand designed for use by individuals with grasping disabilities, arthritis, or limited hand function. Designed to provide assistance in holding or grasping items such as utensils and other small items, this handmade cuff fastens around the hand with Velcro straps that adjust to fit most hands. The cuff is made of lightweight washable mesh. SIZES: One size fits most.

Mini Liquid Transfer Pump

The Mini Liquid Transfer Pump is designed for use with individuals with mobility disabilities to fuel mowers, utility vehicles, chainsaws, outdoor power equipment, or drain small swimming pools without lifting heavy gas cans or buckets.This small pump can be used for home owners and workers using power tools. Fuel can be transferred without spilling, because the 1 GPM flow rate is easily controlled and stopped when the tank is full.

Newgrip Gloves

NewGrip Gloves are grasping aid for hand designed for use by individuals with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or grasping disabilities. These grasping aids have hand pads, which cover the palm and fingers, while the top of the hand is uncovered to prevent overheating. Wide wrist straps provide support to the wrists. The neoprene hand pads attach to the woven cotton wrist straps with Velcro. Both pads and straps can be adjusted to hand shape and wrist size. OPTIONS: Spare pads or straps. SIZES

Non-Slip Remote Cover

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Allows individuals to hold a remote without it slipping from their grasp. A kitchen sponge is adapted by carving an oval space to cradle the shape of the remote. Once the remote is placed in the contoured space, it's secured with a small square of shelf lining and three rubber bands to hold the device in place and prevent from slipping. COMMENTS: The Non-Slip Remote Cover is designed for those with grasping issues and low motor skills. SKILLS REQUIRED:

Non-Slip Support for Cups

The flexible Non-Slip Support for Cups is designed for patients with grasping disabilities to provide additional stability when holding small glasses and yogurt cups. The non-slip design makes it good for increasing dining independence. The Non-Slip Support for Cups measures 1½ tall and works best on glasses and cups with a 2½ inch bottom diameter. The support's three 1-inch extensions support the glass or yogurt cup it's holding. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Outdoor Gripping Aid (Model Ah2)

The Outdoor Gripping Aid, model AH2, is a gripping aid for the hand designed for use by individuals with grasping and upper extremity disabilities. This device features an adjustable wrist strap that extends over the back of the hand. Another strap that extends from the top of the hand over the palm to the inside of the wrist can be tightened to help the user to form a fist to grasp a variety of items. The Outdoor Gripping Aid is made of heavy-duty fabric, and it is designed to be placed over a

Polly Power Grip

The Polly Power Grip is a grasping aid for hand designed for use by individuals with arthritis and other grasping disabilities. This lightweight tool has vise-like jaws that adjust to varying widths and that close by squeezing the handles and open by pulling the handles apart. This device aids in providing a firmer grip with more power for pushing, pulling, picking up, turning, squeezing, or holding. This tool can be used to turn keys; open bottles, tubes, small jars, medicine bottles (including

Pool Cue Cuff (Model 9462)

The Pool Cue Cuff, model 9462, is a grasping aid for hand designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or upper extremity disabilities. This cuff is designed to hold a pool cue for those with limited hand function. A strap holds the hand around a pool cue. It is length-adjustable and is lined with Dycem to prevent slipping. The cuff is made of suede leather with D-ring Velcro closure.

Reflex 8 Inch Chefs Knife (Model Aa5245)

The Reflex 8” Chefs Knife, model AA5245, is a kitchen knife designed for use by individuals with arthritis or limited hand and arm strength. The smooth edged reflex handle gives the user more ease in cutting. DIMENSIONS: 8 inch smooth edge.

Rolyan Walker Splint (Models A7671 To A7674)

The Rolyan Walker Splint, models A7671 to A7674, are splints designed to help individuals with arthritis and neurological disabilities to securely grasp a walker handle. It features wrist straps for stability and is made from Polyform splinting material with a Kushionflex pad. The splints can be specifically adapted to each user by using a heat gun or hot water. Available for right- or left-handed use. DIMENSIONS: Determined by width of 2nd to 5th metacarpal phalangeals (MCPs). Small/Medium is 3

Sammons Preston Lightweight aluminum Easireach II Reacher With Ergonomic Handle, Model-557569

Sammons Preston Lightweight aluminum Easireach II Reacher With Ergonomic Handle is designed for people with limited reach or strength. The three inch jaw opening with orange slip-resistant surface gives high visibility and a secure hold on items. Magnetic tip picks up small metal objects. The end post can be used to help with dressing and pulling items closer. It includes a lock-on clip to store reacher on walker or wheelchair. Reacher may also be hung by the curved hook on handle.

Slip Grips

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a gripping device (Slip Grip) to assist individuals with limited hand mobility to manipulate objects that they would otherwise be unable to use. The product is used by slipping the finger holds over the thumb and forefinger and then snapping objects in to place via the clips located in between these finger holds. At a slight angle, the clip directs objects placed in it downward, giving the user a natural range of motion. When wearing a S

Small Toy Car Holder

---- “DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create an adapted small toy car holder for children with grasping and fine motor skill disabilities. Using the hot glue gun, glue the top cover (lid) of the film canister to the roof of the toy car. Attach the film canister is attached to the lid and can then be used by a child as a handle to propel the toy car. The bottom of the canister can be removed for children not requiring the “handle” without interfering with the car’s function. MATERIALS

Sure Grip Cup Handle

The Sure Grip Cup Handle is an optional handle attachment that easily clips to the Sure Grip Cup which makes it possible for the user to hold the cup with little or no grasp. It is designed for people with grasping disabilities.

Tap Turner (Model 16K025)

The Tap Turner, model 16K025, is a tap turner designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities, arthritis, or limited hand strength. This device clamps onto a water tap or a door knob to convert knobs that are difficult to turn into levers. DIMENSIONS: 2 inches (6 centimeters) diameter.

Textured Grip Ball (Model H70858)

The Textured Grip Ball, model H70858, is a hand exercise ball with a surface made of small individual bumps and a center hole. There is an internal bell which rings when shaken. The end of the hole may be pushed through with a pencil to create a pencil holder for persons requiring a built-up writing instrument holder. DIMENSIONS: 2 inches in diameter.


The uDrink is a can, cup, or bottle holder designed for use by individuals with severe physical, neurological, upper extremity, or grasping disabilities or spinal cord injury. This device consists of a container holder with super grip non-slip strap liner and a stainless steel handle with a rubberized coating. The strap liner allows the strap to securely hold irregularly shaped items and containers, as well as containers covered in condensation. The handle is equipped with a slot through which t

Universal Adaptive Drink Holder

This Universal Adaptive Drink Holder is designed for individuals who have limited or no grip, persons with disabilities that negatively affect their fine motor skills, a person with a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, MS, cerebral palsy, someone who has arthritis or had a stroke. With the Universal Adaptive Drink Holder the user can drink independently. This product has a curved handle and can be adjusted to fit onto bottles, cans, cups & glasses of all different shapes, sizes and

Universal Hand Clip

The Universal Hand Clip is a grasping aid for the hand designed for use by individuals with limited hand strength, arthritis or other graspings or upper extremity disabilities. This spring action hand clip fits securely against the hand and attaches to objects with strips of heavy-duty hook and loop material. It can be used on phones, cups, bottles, hair brushes and other similar items. DIMENSIONS (LxWxD): 8 x 4 x 1 inches.

Velcro Bracelet

---- “DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a Velcro bracelet that can be used by a child with grasping disabilities. First, sew a once inch piece of hook Velcro to one end of the elastic and a one inch piece of loop Velcro to the other end. Second, sew a two inch piece of hook Velcro at the middle of the elastic. Third, stick a piece of loop Velcro onto the toy that the child wishes to play with. The Velcro bracelet aids the child in grasping the toy he or she wishes to play with.

WriteRight Pencil and Grip - "The Shark"

The “shark-like” Write Right pencil grip is designed for use by children with Down’s syndrome, low muscle tone, and stroke who are working on developing a mature and efficient dynamic tripod grasp for writing.  Children learn to develop an efficient grasping pattern as they, “pinch the eyes, cover the mouth and wrap your fingers around the tail.” These design features act as visual cues to aid in proper finger placement. Other unique design features include, the firm, slightly rough outer surfac

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