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Ameriphone Amsx Alertmaster Motion Sensor (Model 01884)

The Ameriphone AMSX AlertMaster Motion Sensor, model 01884, is a wireless security system designed to indicate the presence of someone in the house for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. It monitors the entry, hallway, or window and notifies the user of any unusual motion. POWER: Uses one 9-volt battery (included). WARRANTY: One year.

Explorer Bright Ray

The Explorer Bright Ray is a LED lamp worn on the user's head to help adults and students with many activities. The user can explore the many ways to use this new LED headlamp and light a pathway when traveling at night. Light up text to be read. Light up a dark closet to find clothing. Light up a dark cupboard. Light up a task area to do close work. See objects in near-exploration. Includes 3 light intensity settings. Other features include adjustable angle, adjustable head straps, very low ene


Genoa Motion Activated Clock

The Genoa Motion Activated Clock, JMR868A, is a low vision wall clock and automatic night light designed for use by individuals with low vision. This self-setting atomic wall clock has a large liquid crystal display (LCD) display in either 12- or 24-hour format. The month, day, and indoor temperature is shown in much smaller characters. When motion is detected in a dark room, the nightlight and wall clock backlight temporarily activate. The clock has a daily crescendo alarm and user-selectable h

Guide Light 911

The Guide Light 911 is a strobe light and blinking locator designed to guide emergency response personnel to the location from where a “911” call is placed by individuals with physical disabilities, seniors or people who are confined to a bed. The Guide Light has two parts – a transmitter and the strobe light. The transmitter is plugged into an standard telephone jack, and when a “911” call is placed, it transmits a wireless signal to activate the light. The high intensity Xenon strobe light i

Hear-More Alarm Clock With Strobe (Model Hmb300)

The Alarm Clock with Strobe is designed to awake individuals through a combination of strobe and alarm for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The LCD display alarm clock features large, easy to read numbers, snooze function, AM/PM indicator and a powerful strobe attached to its top. This alarm/ strobe combination is also ideal for heavy sleepers who tend to sleep through audible alarms. The clock also features a plug in the back for a bed shaker. POWER: AC power.

Hear-More's Super Strobe Light (Model B725 & B825)

The Super Strobe Light is designed to be used with alarm clocks for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This powerful strobe plugs easily into your existing alarm clock to quickly and safely awaken you. POWER: Available in AC or DC power.

ilumi A19 Standard LED Smart Light Bulb

The ilumi A19 Standard LED Smart Light Bulb is a smart light bulb that can be attached to the users smart phone. The user can set the lights to automatically go on and off based on a timer or the users presence. This product can be used by individuals with low mobility. They can be set to colored lights or white. No WiFi is required since they work off Bluetooth. For indoor use only.

Light Angel Motion Activated Stick Up LED Light

The Light Angel Motion Activated Stick Up LED Light is a motion sensor light designed for individuals with low vision to use. Use outdoors to light up front and back doorways, steps, porches, paths, patios, pools and more. Use indoors to brighten up closets, stairways, basements, under the sink or in crawl spaces and other tight areas. Pivoting head and 360-degree rotating swivel base allow custom positioning. No wiring needed. Easy peel and stick installation. 7 super bright long life LEDs last

Mini Strobe Wake Alarm System

The Mini Strobe Wake Alarm System is a digital alarm clock with a strobe light designed to awaken individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The strobe light plugs into the easy-set clock and works in conjunction with the audible alarm. OPTION: The strobe is also sold separately ($44.95).

Motion Activated Door Key Light

The Motion Activated Door Key Light is a door lock light designed for use by individuals who have low vision. The unit has four bright LED bulbs that activate by motion to illuminate the keyhole, making is easier to find in the dark. Features include automatic shut off after six to eight minutes. The device mounts on the door with double-sided tape or screws (included). POWER: Uses 1 AA battery. DIMENSIONS (WxH): 3.125 x 1.5 inches.

OttLite LED Mini Flip Light- White

The OttLite LED Mini Flip Light- White is a portable multi-purpose light that can be for everyday use and emergencies. It can be used by individuals with low vision or visual impairments, or anyone who would benefit from true-white illumination. The OttLite LED Mini Flip Light has 12 powerful LED lights, and a built-in clip for easy portability.


The PathLights are motion-activated night lights designed for use by people with low vision and others that may need assistance navigating in low light conditions. The PathLights can be mounted along a stairway, hall or other walkway. When mounted in a series, these round LED lights will illuminate in sequence to guide a person along a path. Once one of the lights is triggered by its motion sensor, the units communicate wirelessly with each other so that they light up in sequence down the stair

Safti Strobe

The Safti Strobe is a indoor/outdoor strobe light designed to be connected to emergency or security systems for people with disabilities. It can be mounted to any surface. The Safti Strobe flashes 60 to 90 times per minute at rated voltage, and is able to run on emergency power for prolonged periods of time. POWER: Models are designed for 6 or 12 volt battery operation, or for 120 volt AC operation.

Strobe Alarm

The Strobe Alarm is a visual smoke alarm designed for deaf and hearing impaired. The photoelectronic detector activates a high intensity flashing strobe light, horn and fire warning sign. The portable unit plugs into wall socket with 8 foot cord. An indicator light is provided for continuous testing of unit, and manual testing is also provided by a test button. Automatic reset.

Water Glow Color LED Light Shower Head

Water Glow Color LED Light Shower Head is an innovative safety device designed for young children and individuals with multiple sclerosis and the aging population.  It visually alerts users the temperature of their shower. By simply twisting off the existing showerhead and replacing it with this Water Glow LED Shower Head, users can easily judge the best time to enter the shower depending on the color.  With three multi-color transitions, the shower head alerts users that the water is freezing w

Wireless Vibration/sound Sensor Door Light

The Wireless Vibration/ Sound Sensor Door Light is a flashing light signal designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The unit is designed to be hung on a doorknob, and when someone knocks on the door or turns the doorknob, the unit lights in response. This unit may also be used with either a telephone or an alarm clock. POWER: Uses three double-A batteries (not included).

Zenon Strobe Light

The Zenon Strobe Light is designed as a signal light for use with sound signalling devices by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This extremely bright light can be adjusted by the user to flash from one to twelve times per second. DIMENSIONS: 6 x 6 x 6 inches. WARRANTY: 90 days.


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