Three Wheel Tandem

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Adventurer Tandem

The Adnenturer Tandem is a three wheeled leg propelled cycle designed for teens and adults with lower extremity, neurological, and balance disabilities. This bike is fully adjustable. The front seat is a char-style seat with a back support and safety strap for a rider with disabilities who requires assisted riding; the rear seat is a standard bicycle saddle for a non-disabled rider. All steering and braking is controlled from the rear seat. Standard features include foot straps on both sets of p

Fun2Go Tandem

The Fun2Go Tandem is a side by side, three-wheel tandem cycle in which the users ride tandem and sit beside each other, to be used by institutions, individuals, homes, municipal and other companies or organizations who want to provide social contact and movement by cycling outdoors. One person steers, both can pedal, and the users can communicate well with each other due to the seats being next to each other. The riders can get on without having to step through and the seats can be easily adjust

Haverich Three-Wheeler Tandem 26"

The Haverich Three-Wheeler Tandem 26" is a three wheel tandem cycle for persons with blindness, low vision, severe disabilities, or dysmelia. Standard equipment on the 26-inch three-wheel tandem includes reinforced rear axle, rear wheel mudguards, Torpedo 3-speed free wheel hub with coaster brake, front wheel drum brake, lock, and lights. DIMENSIONS: Minimum distance from seat top to pedal (in bottom position) is 31.5 inches for both the front and rear seats; Overall Width of rear axle is 31 inc

Home-Built Trike

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted tandem, recumbent and upright tricycle for a young adult with traumatic brain injury and limited mobility to aid in his recovery. Unable to local any adaptive tandem bikes that would meet his son's needs, the father who has a background in mechanical engineering spent six months designing and building a custom adapted trike. Like many commercially-available tandem cycles, the design puts the front passenger (the son) in the

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