Bat and Ball Game

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Adaptive Cricket Bat

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted cricket bat for motorized wheelchair users to use in to play an adaptive cricket game. This adaptation of the game was developed by the Recreation Service at Northcott in Austrailia. A physiotherapist at Northcott contacted TADNSW to find out if it would be possible to create a cricket bat for individuals who use a wheelchair and have no upper body strength. The bat needed to be adapted and useable to attach to all the vari

Grow To Pro Learn To Hit Baseball

The Grow to Pro Learn to Hit Baseball is a bat and ball game designed for use by children three years of age and up with neurological, perceptual, or eye-hand coordination disabilities. The set includes a child-sized bat, a beginners tethered ball, a standard ball, and an easy-catch Velcro mitt. The beginners ball is attached to a string with a large plastic anchor spike at one end. The spike is anchored in the ground, and a parent or another player throws the ball down the string to the batter.

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