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Telecommunication Program

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Braille Term Program

The Braille Term Program is a telecommunication program designed for use with Freedom Scientific's electronic notetakers (Braille 'N Speak, Braille Lite, Type 'N Speak, or Type Lite; see separate entries). This easy-to-learn program enables the user to use a modem to dial phone numbers. Standard features include context-sensitive help, a 50-entry dialing directory, auto-redial that will dial a number until the line is free, a session logging feature that saves e-mail to a separate file to enable

Sorenson Video Center

Sorenson Video Center is a video telephony program and electronic mail program designed for use by people who are deaf or hard or hearing and use sign language to communicate. Sorenson Video Center is designed to be used with the Sorenson Video Relay Service (SVRS). It allows an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to receive and view video relay messages received by the SVRS from people who have a regular telephone. This application (or app) does not have the capability to place calls through the S


UltraSilent is a telecommunication program system designed sized, scripted, and designed for installation to an organization's telephone switching system (PBX). The UltraSilent automatically interacts with text telephone (TT, TTY, or TDD) callers inthe same fashion as an interactive call processing system for the hearing caller, providing direct access to the same functionality of automated telephone systems as that enjoyed by the hearing. A text telephone caller "sees" the menu choices on the T

Vcs 3500 With Tdd Software

The Voice Connect System (VCS) 3500 is a software-based telephone communications system which used has voice mail, automated transaction processing, and automated attendant capabilities. The TDD Software module which is available for this system allows persons with telecommunications devices for the deaf to utilize all the functions of a VCS 3500 system. When a TDD user places a call to a number which uses VCS 3500, the person is given a menu of options from an automated attendant which can tran


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