Arm Support for Garden Tool

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Adapted Long Handled Garden Tools.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Long handled tools are easier to use if the forearm is secured to the handle. A leather cuff is attached to the shaft of the tool and has velcro straps to secure the forearm. A wooden scythe handle is attached to the shaft with a hose clamp just below the cuff to grasp with hand. Includes materials list and drawings. SKILLS REQUIRED: Assembly, Sewing. AUTHOR: Ocone, L, Thabault, G, editors. TITLE: Tools & Techniques for Easier Gardening. REF: Monog

Easi Grip Weeder

The Easi Grip Weeder garden tool has a specially angled ergonomic handle making it comfortable to use. By keeping a user's hand and wrist at a natural angle, it helps eliminate the strains and blisters that can be caused by conventional style garden tools.

Full Arm Cuff.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Full arm cuff, with two straps below and one above the elbow, with two tool handle pockets to facilitate holding a long handled garden tool. Instructions for constructing a full arm cuff of canvas webbing, three 2-inch metal rectangular rings, loop and hook velcro, leather or vinyl scraps and cord or shoelace. Lists materials and suggestions places to buy them. Includes diagram and drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Sewing. AUTHOR: Beems, J TITLE: Adaptive Gard


The RoboHandle® is a handle extender for use by adults with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive motion injuries, disabilities of the wrist or hand, or limited range of motion. The RoboHandle® attaches to a broom or rake type handle to help absorb the torque which reduces the potential for operator injury to arm, wrist, or hand.

Tool Holder.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Wrist holder for small hand tools. Standard wrist splints can be adapted to hold small hand held garden tools. The wrist splints are secured with velcro. Includes drawing of sample application. AUTHOR: Ocone, L, Thabault, G, editors. TITLE: Tools & Techniques for Easier Gardening. REF: Monograph: Gardens For All, 180 Flynn Ave., Burlington, VT 05401: p 35. PAGES (including cover):1 1984.

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