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Auditory Feedback Program for Stuttering

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DAF Assistant

DAF Assistant is an auditory feedback program for stuttering therapy designed for use by individuals who stutter. This application (or app) for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad implements the Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency-shifting Auditory Feedback (FAF) techniques by delaying the sound of the user's voice from reaching to the ears by a fraction of a second. This simulates the "chorus effect" by making it seem as if the user is speaking with several others to help the user s


Toobaloo is designed for users with autism, age 4 years to adult, to assist with auditory processing disorder or dyslexia. By speaking into the Toobaloo, the user hears themselves (auditory feedback) and can make adjustments to fluency, pronunciation, and even increase comprehension. Users can benefit from the auditory feedback process of listening to themselves read aloud. Toobaloo can be used by classroom teachers, reading teachers, speech pathologists, special education teachers, music teache

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