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Computer Based Text Telephone (TT)

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Accessaphone Ip-Tty

The accessaphone IP-TTY is a computer-based text telephone (TT) designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have communication disabilities. This telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD or TTY) is engineered to enable TTY communications using existing technology and most modern real- time text solutions with no analog lines required. This device supports hearing carry over (HCO) and voice carry over (vco) and includes a multi-line display and a recent calls list. Th

Accessaphone Total Conversation

accessaphone Total Conversation is computer based text telephone and videophone designed for use by individuals with hearing, vision, speech, cognitive, or mobility disabilities. This system features telephony with simultaneous video, text and audio and is compatible with Braille readers and uses standard session initiated protocol (SIP). For users who are deaf or hard of hearing, the system provides simultaneous video, text,and speech and supports real-time text. For users who have difficulty i

Inbound And Outbound Tty/tdd Virtual Contact Center Systems

The Inbound and Outbound TTY/TDD Virtual Contact Center Systems are computer-based text telephone systems designed to enable customers who are deaf or hard of hearing to interact with service centers. To contact a service center that uses this system, a customer only needs to call the center's TTY number using a 45.5 baud device or a personal computer. The customer then receives a text-based welcome message and a list of service options from which to pick using a keyboard. When the customer choo


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