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Auditory Memory Cards For Short Stories

With the Auditory Memory Cards children can listen to short stories like "Aunt Pat's Hat," "Hannah's Bananas," or "Ollie the Octopus"—and then answer questions about each plot. One side shows the picture and story title, and the other side has the story and three questions for children to answer. These 51 illustrated cards provide a basic approach to improving students' auditory memory skills. The cards are helpful to developing children or those with cognitive disabilities who require extra mem

Lauri Actions Language Cards

This set is great to help kids or those on the Autism spectrum develop an understanding of action verbs in addition to increasing their vocabulary. They also retain information on appropriate activities.

Lauri Mind Your Manners Language Cards

By illustrating both proper and improper behavior, this set of 40 colorful cards teaches children proper manners and behavior with a combination of visual cues and verbal explanations. Each card depicts an everyday situation, showing polite or thoughtful behavior on one side and rude or inconsiderate behavior on the other. Topics addressed include table manners, sharing, responsibility, phone etiquette, helping out, sportsmanship, classroom behavior, kindness, self-control, and more. An instruct

Lauri Opposites Cards

This Opposites Cards set includes 20 opposite pairs for 10 different common antonyms, such as full/empty, dirty/clean, on/off, to help kids and/or those with special needs, such as those on the Autism spectrum, develop an understanding of opposite words. Each antonym is shown in two contexts to help players recognize opposites in different situations.

Weber Articulation Cards

Weber Articulation Cards are colorful pronunciation cards that come in pairs. Sets or individual packs can be purchased with emphasis on B, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, P, R, S, T, V, Z, CH, SH, L Blend, R Blend or S Blend articulations, as well as Animal Artic packs. Each deck has its own tin box.

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