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Blissymbol System

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Blissymbol Stamps

Blissymbol Stamps are sheets of Bliss symbolic language pictures printed on square, peel-back, self-adhesive labels. Three stamp packages are available. BM302 are 7/8-inch square color stamps; BM303 are 7/8-inch square black and white stamps that includes a book of 1545 stamps plus sentences and phrases for interaction, and frequently requested sentences and combined symbols; BM305 ($16) are 9/16-inch square black and white stamps that include a book of 1400 stamps for the construction of person

Blissymbols Gallery

Blissymbols Gallery is a symbolic language picture library designed to help build personalized communication displays for persons using Ke:nx. It consists of approximately 2,500 icons that are color-coded by such categories as time, people, noun, action and other distinguishing attributes. COMPATIBILITY: Macintosh. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Ke:nx 3.0 or Ke:nx On:Board 3.0. 4.5 megabytes of RAM is needed on the hard drive.

Core Vocabulary

The Core Vocabulary, model MB301, is a set of the most commonly used Blissymbols in alphabetical order. The set contains five copies each of 207 Blissymbols. The symbols are printed on adhesive-backed material, for use with symbol boards and other communication systems. The set also includes 17 complete sentences to facilitate interactive communication. DIMENSIONS: Sheets are 8.5 x 11 inches.

Cork-Tabbed Multi-Page Communication Book Secured To Lap Tray

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- DESCRIPTION: A vinyl communication book attached to the wheelchair lap tray with U-bolts. Staggered corkboard strips separate the pages. The user flips each page over the front edge of the lap tray until the desired pages is found. PURPOSE: To stabilize and facilitate easy page selection and page turning of a communication book for individual who have poor arm and hand coordination. The system described here is very durable, to accommodate a particular in

Flashcard Booklet

Flashcard Booklets are Blissymbol language pictures designed for visual symbol training of the Blissymbol alternative communication system. The booklets each contain 248 individual cards with symbols printed on medium weight Bristol board and listed in English alphabetical order. The booklets are available with Colour (BM308) or Black and White (BM309) pictures. Blank cards are included for adding vocabulary. DIMENSIONS: Each card is 2 5/8 inches square.

Metric And Imperial Blissymbol Templates

The Metric and Imperial Blissymbol Templates (models BM321, BM322, and BM323) are patterns of Blissymbol elements designed as an aid to drawing Blissymbols more accurately. They may be helpful in making worksheets, display materials, and in adding symbols to the student's display. DIMENSIONS: The Large Metric Template is 21 mm square ($17, BM321); the Small Metric Template is 11 mm square ($17, BM322); and the Imperial Template is 1 inch square ($12, BM323).


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