Mouthstick Control of Cursor Control Device

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Libra 90 Trackball

The Libra 90 Trackball is a stationary trackball mouse that features a hand-hugging design which lessens arm movement for maximum comfort and improved functionality. The mouse is made to alleviate wrist pain and/or help those with dexterity issues. The design includes a 2 inch opto-mechanical trackball, 3 standard mouse buttons, a removable wrist-rest pad, and a PS/2-USB combo connector. Compatible with Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP.

Maltron Head / Mouth Stick Keyboard

The Maltron Head / Mouth Stick Keyboard is a 105-key modified keyboard designed specifically for use with a mouth stick or headwand. This Plug-n-Play keyboard has a concave front and a Frequency of Use letter layout with frequently used characters in the central area to reduce head movement for individuals who use a mouth stick or are single finger typists. The unit may be mounted on an articulated arm or positioned flat for single finger operation. The alphabetic keys are positioned in the midd

Straight Wand Mouth Stick, Model-538014

Straight Wand Mouth Stick is used as a typing stick and a page turner. It is not bendable and latex free. It is intended to use for people with upper extremity disabilities, amputation, or motor disabilities. 

Touchtec Multi-Function Capacitive Touch Screen Mouth Stick

The TouchTec Multi-function Capacitive Touch Screen Mouth Stick is a mouthstick for a touchscreen or tablet computer designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities, spinal cord injury, or severe physical disabilities. This lightweight mouthstick allows the user to work, create or navigate on all devices with a touchscreen with his or her mouth. The mouthstick can be operated with light pressure, even at extreme angles. The device comes with two replaceable mouth bites made of

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