Gooseneck Holder

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Eschenbach Table Clamp (Model 1600)

The Eschenbach Table Clamp, model 1600, is a gooseneck holder designed for use by individuals with low vision. This table clamp can turn any hand-held magnifier into a hands-free magnifier, or it can be used to position smaller objects for easier viewing. The unit has a flexible metal, gooseneck arm with 2 clamps made from high quality black plastic with sponge rubber disks for firm contact on smooth surfaces.

Gooseneck Feeding Device.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Gooseneck holder for spoon to provide resistance against uncontrollable arm movements. A gooseneck with an angle clamp can be purchased. A lock-on accessory with a push button release is attached to the end of the gooseneck and silver brazed to the eating utensil to be used. In the example described a T bar handle was also brazed onto the end of the utensil to provide better support for a person with uncontrolable movement. A commercially available laz

Switch Mounting Kit (Models Smt & Smw-1)

The Switch Mounting Kit for Tables, model SMT, and Switch Mounting Kit for Wheelchairs SMW-1, are control switch accessories for mounting switches in a variety of locations. Model SMT is designed for use on tables or table-like surface, and model SMW-1 is designed for use with wheelchairs. The Switch Mounting Kit for Tables includes a gooseneck, tilt-top switch mounts, and an adapter bracket to fasten it to tables or shelves. The Switch Mounting Kit for Wheelchairs has a tubular bracket for clam


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