Joystick Control for Sailboat

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Drive Standard Assist 32 Inch Reacher, Model RTLPC23583

Drive Standard Assist 32 Inch Reacher is intended for individuals with limited hand strength or flexibility. It has ergonomically designed trigger for use with the whole hand and it adds 32 inch to arm length to reduce stretching and bending when picking up objects to purposely enhance user's safety.

Joystick Controller For Sailboat

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a means for an individual with cerebral palsy to sail independently. The sailboat is equipped with two battery-powered motors to operate the rudder and the mainsheet, which is attached to the boom. A basic joystick was adapted to control these operations by replacing the existing internal spring with a stronger one and extending the handle to six inches long. A wooden base attaches to the floor of the boat with Velcro. The wooden control box at the base of

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