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6 Color Foam Bowling Ball Set ( Model W14477 )

The 6 Color Foam Bowling Ball Set, model W14477, is a bowling game designed for recreational or therapeutic use by individuals of all ages with upper extremity disabilities. These easy-grip balls are lightweight and designed with multi-sized finger hole patterns to accommodate all finger sizes. WEIGHT: 1 pound. COLOR: Blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and purple.

Floor Skittles

Floor Skittles (Sportime Item No. 1583302) is a bowling game for independent play by children and adults with disabilities. Marbles are rolled down a 19-inch high wooden ramp, which the user directs toward the Skittle Pins. The pin end is slightly raised so that the marbles will automatically return to the bowler. A marble pick-up aid is supplied. The pins have been tethered to a control mechanism that runs underneath the board. A ring at the bowler's side may be pulled to reset the pins. The bo

Fun Gripper Bowling Set

The Fun Gripper Bowling Set is an eye-hand coordination activity designed for use by children with fine motor, upper extremity, gross motor, perceptual, or neurological disabilities. This set includes a bowling ball with a non-slip surface and six soft, oversized pins with numbers on them. A nylon carry bag is included. DIMENSIONS: The bowling ball is 7 inches in diameter and the pins are 10 inches. COLOR: The pins are multi-colored, the ball is blue and yellow, and the carry bag is black.

High Ball Target Bowling Alley.

Large target bowling alley, similar to Skee Ball. Features electronic score screens, sound effects, ball detectors, running lights on score screen, adjustable winning score levels, and selectable 6 or 9 ball play.

My First Bowling Game

My First Bowling Game is an eye-hand coordination activity designed for use by children with fine motor, upper extrmity gross motor, perceptual, or neurological disabilities. This machine-washable and dryable set includes foam-filled pins and two foam-filled balls. COLOR: The pins are patterned in black and white or red and white. The balls come in solid colors.

Tabletop Bowling Game

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide recreation and therapy for seniors and individuals with coordination and mobility disabilities. Based on a no-longer available Australian game called Bobs, the unit consists of a three-sided frame built from nine millimeter plywood. The frame is divided into nine lanes with an arched opening at the front. Above the lanes is an arched board bearing the numerical value for each lane in stick on-numbers. Players roll a large bearing up the table and through t

Talking Bowling Pins (Model 208)

The Talking Bowling Pins, model 208, is a bowling game designed for use by individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities. When one or all of the bowling pins are knocked over with the soft rubber ball, a message will play. Record and re-record the message as often as needed. Total recording time is 20 seconds. POWER: Uses 4 double-A batteries. DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): The base is 17 x 17 x 1.5 inches. The pins are 14.5 inches tall. The ball is 10 inches in diameter.

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