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Institutional Parachute (Model 928131)

The Institutional Parachute, model 928131, is an eye-hand coordination training aid designed for use by children and adults with upper extremity or balance disabilities or who use wheelchairs. The parachute can be used in a variety of group activities such as raising and lowering the parachute for eye-hand coordination and activities involving upper extremity range of motion, trunk strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Soft balls can be bounced on top while users attempt to keep them on the para


The Parachute is designed for use in therapeutic activities for individuals with upper extremity or balance disabilities or who use wheelchairs. Made of rip stop nylon, each chute has a hole in the center (to allow more gentle inflation and deflation maneuvers) covered by a web netting to prevent catching on heads or objects falling through. The chute is equipped with handles around the edge and comes with a storage bag. DIMENSIONS: 12, 20, 24, or 30 feet in diameter. COLOR: Multicolored with re

Parachute (Models W952, W737, W653, W662, & W785)

The Parachutes are designed for group strength and endurance activities. Made of nylon in alternating panels with a reinforced skirt, these parachutes pull flat when stretched and have an air-release hole and from six to 24 handles, depending upon the diameter. A nylon storage bag is included. OPTIONS: An extra bag is available. DIMENSIONS: Model W952 is 6 feet in diameter, model W737 is 12 feet in diameter, model W653 is 19.5 inches in diameter, model W662 is 24 feet in diameter, and model W785

Parachute Canopy (Model 8Tnpc)

The Parachute Canopy, model 8TNPC, is a parachute designed for group therapy and recreational activities. Made of reinforced heavy-duty nylon, this parachute comes with a storage/carrying bag. DIMENSIONS: 20 feet in diameter. COLOR: Multi-colored panels.


The Parachutes are designed for use with children and adults with upper extremity, balance, and neurological disabilities. These nylon parachutes can be used for a variety of group activities such as controling the path of a ball by grabbing the edge of the material and manipulating it for eye-hand coordination, visual tracking, and shoulder strengthening. DIMENSIONS: 6 or 12 feet in diameter. COLOR: Alternating color panels.

Play Canopy

Multicolored rugged nylon rip-stop fabric. Parachute shaped material sizes 6, 12, 20, 24 or 30 feet. Use for variety of motor development activities.

Swiss Cheese Parachute (Models T10037, & T10054)

The Swiss Cheese Parachute are designed for group strength and endurance activities. Made of nylon, these parachute are equipped with handles and resemble swiss cheese with open holes. Model T10037 has 12 handles and five holes in varying diameters and model T10054 has 16 handles and nine holes. The holes have catch nets to catch the three included foam balls. An activity guide is also included. DIMENSIONS: Model T10037 is 12 feet in diameter and model T10054 is 19 feet in diameter.

Parent Category: Gross Motor Play

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