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Bicycle Steering Bracket

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a child with a foreshortened arm without a hand to steer a bicycle. Made from a piece of sheet steel, the bracket prevents the user’s arm from sliding off the handlebar. The sheet steel was cut to size and curved, and wetsuit fabric was glued to both sides. The bracket was attached to the handlebar with two screws. TITLE: One-handed Tennis. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Volume 24, Number 4, Summer 2004: p. 14-15. PAGES: 3 (including cover).

Criterium 75 & Criterium 85 Bicycle Handlebar Adapter

The Criterium Bicycle Handlebar Adapter is a bicycle accessory designed for use by individuals with upper extremity amputation. This recreational accessory snaps on and off a 1-inch diameter bicycle handle bar, which is standard in the bicycle industry. The unit is constructed of a durable synthetic polymer. It has no moving mechanical parts or adjustable release mechanisms, and gets its gripping and release force from its shape and the flexible properties of the synthetic material from which it

Haverich Handlebar Accessories

The Haverich Handlebar Accessories are attachments for bicycles, tricycles, and tandem cycles. Steering Lock Angle Limiter (##099) restricts steering lock angle; Cane Holders (##040 Single and ##041 Double) allow the rider to affix canes or crutches to the front of the handlebars on either side of the front wheel; Guide Rod (##038) is a metal bar that extends from the vertical backrest pole and allows an adult to help control the direction and speed of a youngster on a cycle; Arm Supports (##002

Haverich Pedal Accessories

The Haverich Pedal Accessories are pedal attachments for bicycles, tricycles, and tandem cycles. Home Trainer Pedal (##060) has an integral balancing weight and velcro strap; Pedal with Toe Clip and Strap (##011) prevents the rider's foot from slipping off the pedal; Treadle Crank for Disabled (##005 Lft, and ##006 Rt) are stroke adjustable in infinite increments; Crank Shortener (##025) reduces the distance between the seat and pedal, helping to offset unevenly long legs; Foot Rest with Leather

Haverich Seat Accessories

Haverich Seat Accessories are bicycle and tricycle accessories that consist of modified seat attachments. Light Moped Seat provides good buttock support due to broad shape; Light Moped Seat (Denfeld, ##034) has a rocker- arm suspension; Moped Seat (##035) is designed for broad-hipped riders; T- shaped Seat Post (##048) allows adjustment of horizontal seat position relative to the handlebars; Leg Harness (##062) attaches to the Standard Backrest and Strap and the front of the seat; Standard Backr

Hosmer Driving Ring

The Hosmer Driving Ring is a steering wheel spinner ring for upper extremity amputees that is designed for use on automobile steering wheels, boat tillers, aircraft controls, and most bicycles. The device attaches with a clamp to the steering instrument; the side of the clamp has a rubber surface for a secure grip. The swivel ring is coated in plastic, and has a 4/5-inch inside diameter.

Stationary Trainer

The Stationary Trainer is a bicycle and tricycle accessory designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. This device consists of three rollers to be placed beneath the wheels of a three-wheeled cycle (one roller for each wheel) to permit stationary indoor riding. This manual system adjusts to fit most cycles.

Tricycle / Bicycle Back Support

U-shaped chromed steel bar attaches to tricycle or bicycle frame with adjustable clamp. Otto Bock thoracic pad is mounted to U-bar by height adjustable clamp. Also available: foot receptacles with toe straps, handgrips which clamp to handlebars, chest belt, and heavy duty training wheels.

Tricycle Back Support (Model Es-950)

The Tricycle Back Support, model ES-950, is a motorcycle -style back support for child tricycles designed to provide increased support for children with minimal trunk control. The support is made of chrome plated steel tubing and has a curved plastic foam back rest and a nylon automobile-style seat belt attached. The base of the back support bolts easily to standard tricycles.

Tricycle Pommel (Model Es-925)

The Tricycle Pommel, ES-925, is designed for use on children's tricycles to help maintain abduction of the user's legs while riding. The pommel is made of plastic foam and snaps over the main frame tube in front of the seat; there are no screws, bolts, or buckles.

Upright Tricycle Handlebars (Model Es-900)

Upright Tricycle Handlebars, model ES-900, are vertical handlebar attachments for children designed to promote better arm and back position while cycling. The handlebars fit standard tricycles and permit the child to use a vertical rather than horizontal palmar grasp to hold onto the handlebars. These handlebars are constructed of heavy gauge tubing with a chrome finish and plastic hand grips.

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