Photoelectric Switch

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Asl Adjustable Photo-Electric Sensor With Mono Port (Model Asl209-M)

The ASL Adjustable Photo-Electric Sensor with Mono Port, model ASL209_M, is a photo-electric power wheelchair control switch designed for use by individuals with gross motor disabilities or mobility disabilities. This adjustable photo- electric switch can be used on a power wheelchair with ASL proportional driving controls, or for non-driving purposes. It requires the addition of an appropriate ASL 804 power source cable to receive power from the power wheelchair, and can be used with all power

Computer Interface For Optical Headpointer.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Optical headpointer and photodetector circuit designed to be immune to false triggering. Describes a photodetector circuit tuned to respond only to light pulsed at 90 Hertz (from a headpointer beam), ignoring shifts in ambient light level and room lighting. Circuit output feeds directly into a computer. Includes circuit diagrams for a lamp driver and a photodetector. COMMENTS: For further information contact: G L Heseltine, Science Unlimited Research F

Light-Activated Switch

The Light-Activated Switch is a photoelectric switch designed for use by individuals with physical disabilities. The switch is activated by directing a light pointer at a light-sensitive panel. POWER: 9-volt battery. DIMENSIONS: 4 x 4 x 2 inches.

Photocell Switch (Model 790, 790-8)

Photo Cell Switch, model 790 and 790-8, is a photoelectric switch designed to be activated by any body movement for individuals with physical diabilties. The switch is activated by interrupting a light beam and creating a shadow over the electronic photocell.

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