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Tactile Archery Equipment

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To provide do-it-yourself tactile equipment for archery competition for individuals who are blind. There are three types of tactile equipment recommended for blind archery: a foot locator, a tripod, and a tactile sighting device. Foot locators can be made of wood based on diagrams from BBS Archery. A basic telescopic camera or music tripod which can be easily transported can be adapted to hold a tactile sighting device. Finally, a tactile sighting device is anyt

Teacher-Made Adapted Devices For Archery, Badminton, And Table Tennis

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Desire to have a teenage boy with muscular dystrophy participate in activities with his peers led to creation of an adapted archery bow. This student was only able to move forearms, wrists, and fingers independently. A 3/16 inch piece of aluminum is cut in the shape of the belly of the bow. Holes are drilled into the bow so that fasteners can be inserted. The aluminum piece is bolted to the fasteners. A piece of wood is cut measuring 1 1/2 inches squar

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