Long Handled Bath and Grooming Kit

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Etac Beauty Ergonomic Bathing Set

The Etac BEAUTY Ergonomic Bathing Set is a long-handled bath and grooming kit designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. These bathing aids are balanced to provide maximum power with minimal effort and strain on hands, arms and shoulders. Each product has a unique shape that makes reaching easier. The handles are oval and have a rough surface to provide a secure grip. The set includes a body washer, a back washer, and a hair washer. The body washer and the back washer hav

Mabis DMI Deluxe Reach Extender Hip Kit, Model 641-8177-0000

Mabis DMI Deluxe Reach Extender Hip Kit is designed for those that may need assistance in reaching due to hip surgery, back surgery or anyone with bending or reaching difficulties. The kit is also ideal for those with limited range of motion.

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