Adapted Bicycle Handlebars

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Custom Bicycle Handle Bars

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To create customized bicycle handle bars for a child with her right arm approximately 3 inches shorter than her left arm and limited use of her right hand. The gear shift and rear break were moved from the right to the left handlebar. Then on the right handlebar a three-inch extension was built. At the top of that extension is a small ball and a padded platform on a swivel providing wrist support and assistance in gripping. TITLE: Custom Bicycle Handle Bars Stander. W

Modified Bicycle Handlebar

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted bicycle handlebar for a child whose left arm is shorter than her right. The difference in length between the arms made bike riding uncomfortable for the little girl since she could not quite reach the handlebar. The TAD volunteer measured the bike and the distance between the girl's hand and handlebar, and fitted the bike with a handlebar extension. The extension was made from steel tubing and sized to meet the girl's left

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