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"chairpod" Camera Support.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Aids in the inability to hold a standard 35mm SLR camera and reduces time in setting up a standard tripod. Camera is mounted to a wooden cone which sits on wooden piece of board that may be clamped to wheelchair or chair. COMMENTS: "Chairpod" is excellent for severely limited no hand or one hand use. Those without hands would require assistance in focusing camera. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Gugerty, J J; Tindall, L W TITLE: Tools, Equipment


The ADALAP is a lap desk designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. The basic unit includes the base and pole with a top plate with a Velcro loop. Made from lightweight anodized aluminum alloy with stainless steel fasteners, the unit has a base that slides right under the wheelchair seat cushion. Height adjustment is accomplished with a quick-release clamp.OPTIONS: Fresh or salt water fishing rod holder; Snap Lap Desk; Lap Shopper shopping basket; lap tray; accessory mount for camera,

Adapted Camera Mount With Tripod, And Pan-Tilt Functions For A Wheelchair Bound Photographer.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Modifications to professional camera equipment to allow a quadriplegic with little muscle strength to continue a hobby of photography. Describes and provides drawings illustrating construction, limitations and functions of a camera mount head, a support frame and adaptations concerning a holding block for cable release, holding block for electronic shutter release, quick focusing ring, angle bracket and carrier bracket. Lists camera equipment and acces

Adapted Digital Camera & Tripod (Model 5155)

The Adapted Digital Camera and Tripod, model 5155, is a switch adapted camera designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This kid-friendly camera is mounted on a power-driven platform that can tilt up and down and pan left or right to frame a picture before shooting. The motorized platform pedestal has three adjustable feet to level the camera. The panning and tilting function is controlled by the 5-inch orange disc on the black c


The AMP-u-POD is a camera mount terminal device for a prosthetic arm. The device was designed by an amputee photographer to enable upper-extremity amputees to use a 35 mm or larger format still camera and any 8 mm or 16 mm movie or video camera. The camera mount supports the camera on a lockable, ball and socket tripod mount which facilitates photographing at a variety of angles and aids in changing film without the camera having to leave the security of the wrist. The mount has 1/2-inch diamete

Birdie Buddy

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a wheelchair mount for a camera and binoculars for an avid photographer and birdwatcher with quadriplegia. The Birdie Buddy clamps securely to a bar on the wheelchair base frame, holds a camera or binoculars at eye level, and folds down along the side of the wheelchair when not in use. This device supports the weight of the camera or binoculars, convenient switching between the two pieces of equipment, and an adjustable viewing angle. T

Bogen Multi Position Support Arm & Super Clamp

The Bogen Multi-position Support Arm and Super Clamp are mounting hardware for communicators and other accessories designed to be mounted to a table or wheelchair. The Support Arm has a fully articulated arm (three universal joints) with 90 degree pivotable and 360 degree rotatable ends, and an elbow that rotates 360 degrees. The adjustable, one-control handle located at the elbow joints locks all three joints firmly. The arm can be mounted permanently, or used with the Super Clamp. The Super Cl

Camera Holder

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with limited or no use of the hands to use a camera. This holder is made from Lexan plastic that is heated and bent to fit snugly over the user's hand. A Velcro strap (male) with a ring attached pulls around to a Velcro (female) pad to hold the camera firmly in place. The holder is screwed into the threaded hole on the camera used to mount on a tripod. A thin rubber rubber plate helps to anchor the holder to the camera or it can be more m

Camera Holder

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a means for an individual with quadriplegia to hold and operate a digital camera. Made of steel, this mount is equipped with two foam-covered handles, one above the other. The user places the top handle in his/her palm and the bottom handle holds the hand in position, supports the back of the wrist, and can be rested on a stable surface as needed. The handles are attached to a frame that screws into the tripod mount on the bottom of the digital camera. The

Camera Holder

This Camera Mount is a wheelchair attachment. It enables user to rest elbows on armrest to focus and operate either photo or video camera. The Camera Mount is made of wood and is attached to the wheelchair arms with an aluminum attachment. It is adjustable to wheelchair widths, however, is designed to be used on E&J or wheelchairs with similiar armsrest. When ordering, individuals will needed to specify wheelchair make and model and whether use is for camera, or video.

Camera Holder 2

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with limited of the hands or of only one hand to use a camera. This device consists of a a clipless bicycle pedal fitted to a frame that loops over the user's shoulders. Two cleats are fitted to a bracket on the camera to enable the photographer to switch from portrait to landscape orientation, and the pedal clamps are adjustable for strength to accommodate a heavy or a light camera. The pedal can be tilted up and down to adjust the camer

Camera Support

DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY---- Using PVC to stabilize a DSLR camera is designed for use by individuals with limited strength in their upper extremities as a result of fractures or neurological events such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

Canon Image Stabilization Binoculars

Image Stabilization Binoculars are high-powered binoculars that include a feature that stabilizes an image regardless of involuntary movements, shaking, or tremors associated with such diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease or multiple sclerosis. One push of a button activates the stabilization feature. This is ideal for hunting or wildlife viewing. The binoculars are waterproof and can be mounted on any standard tripod or mounting system.

Classroom Or Home Scheduler, Model 3330

Copy Camera Platform.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Solid, adjustable base for a copy camera eliminating the need for a tripod. Aluminum camera base adapted to slide on the support rails of a view camera copy stand, using a focusing rack from an 8x10 inch view camera to provide horizontal left to right movement and a center elevator to provide vertical movement. COMMENTS: For further information contact the developer: Donald J Winge, 110 Cherry ##110, Grand Forks, North Dakota 58201. SKILLS REQUIRED: Me

Digital Camera Mount And Control Device

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide an individual with cerebral palsy a customized, digital camera mount, and control device. The patron was unable to avoid moving the camera when she operated the shutter, so her shots were blurred. The first solution was to isolate the triggering mechanism from the camera; but today’s digital cameras lack the remote triggering capacity that film cameras have. A “camera remote shutter release” was the solution. A release mechanism consisting of solenoid which

Foot Pedals for Hands Free DSLR Photography

Foot Pedals for Hands Free DSLR Photography is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity amputations and grasping disabilities associated with stroke, spinal cord injuries and upper motor neuron disorders.  

Holder To Attach Camera To A Wheelchair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with quadriplegia to take photographs. The holder is made from 19 millimeter chrome-plated steel curtain rods and clamps to the wheelchair footplate strut. It has a horizontal arm which passes from the footplate strut under the user's right leg and a vertical arm that comes up on the user's right side. The arm is long enough to put the camera at eye level. The camera is mounted on a horizontal arm that pivots from the vertical arm. The mounting

Icamera Interface

The iCamera Interface is a switch activated shutter control that allows users with limited fine motor skills to take pictures on their iPhone, iPad and iPod with the camera feature on the device. The user plugs the capability switch into the compact iCamera Interface and attaches the Interface to their iPhone, iPad or iPod to take a picture. DIMENSIONS: 1 1/2" W x 1 1/2" L x 3/4" H. WEIGHT: 1 oz. COLOR: Black interface with white cord. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Kid's Digital Camera With Base

Kid’s Digital Camera with Base is a digital camera designed to allow children with physical and cognitive disabilities to use a capability switch to take photographs. This camera will take up to 120 pictures or 16MB worth of video clips. Has soft molded grips and a built-in carry strap. It comes with removable base for mounting and a USB cord and software for downloading your pictures and videos onto your computer. POWER: Requires 4 AA Batteries. DIMENSIONS: 6"W x 4"H x 3"D; Base size: 6¼"W x 1

Magic Arm

The Magic Arm is a mounting attachment for wheelchairs for positioning cameras, joysticks, or other adaptive equipment. This flexible arm has three joints, a 90 degree pivoting end, a 360 degree rotating end, and a 360 degree rotating elbow. Both ends have studs that are tapped and fit any standard 5/8 inch socket. Includes a flash shoe and a camera mounting bracket. This device is designed for use with the Beneficial Designs Super Clamp (see separate entry). DIMENSIONS: Extended length is 19.7

Mount 'n Mover

The Mount 'n Mover is a wheelchair mounting kit for communicators, tablet or laptop computers, or a camera mount for wheelchair designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. The device can also be used to mount trays, easels, reading stands, remote controls and more. Available in single- or dual-arm horizontal models, the device is equipped with a quick-release mounting plate offering 0 to 90 degrees of tilt, a paddle to unlock the wrist joint to rotate the attached tray or device, and a

One Hand Camera

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual who has had a stroke and lost use of one arm to operate the zoom lens of a camera while holding the camera in position to look through the viewfinder. The solution was to make a nylon gear with serrations that match those on the zoom lens, and two ball bearings to enable it to move freely. This is held in position against the zoom by a brass plate formed to clear the camera’s other functions and fixed to the tripod mount on the bottom of the ca

Single Switch Remote Controlled Camera

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a single switch remotely controlled camera for an individual with cerebral palsy. A young man with cerebral palsy who had no use of his hands wished to independently operate a camera. Mounting the camera to the young man’s wheelchair was straightforward. The remote control cable for his camera required two switch actions, one to focus the camera and the other to simultaneously trigger the shutter. The young man currently used a switch ar

Snow S - 4.7 inch HD - Handheld Video Magnifier

The Snow S - 4.7 inch HD is a handheld video magnifier is designed for users with low vision as well as users with AMD, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa. The device integrates HD camera, HD screen, and Optical Character Recognition and Text-To-Speech (TTS) features. Snow S can recognize regular printed characters from short texts and numbers and read it out aloud for the user for use in daily life such as labels, business cards, pill bottles, price tags, receipts, etc. 

Super Clamp

The Super Clamp is a mounting clamp for accessories designed to attach to wheelchair arms or any other kind of frame. The jaws of the clamp open up to a maximum of two inches wide. The clamp has a receptacle to screw into photographic or other equipment. The device is made of cast alloy with a high strength to weight ratio. The jaws are friction lined and screw operated. The clamp has a special detent operated safety lock that holds accessories in place even if the locking mechanism is not tight

Switch-Adapted Digital Camera (Model H-43)

The Switch-Adapted Digital Camera, model H-43, is a switch-adapted camera designed for use by individuals with neurological or severe physical disabilities or cerebral palsy. This is an adapted version of a 7 megapixel camera that takes pictures and AVI format video. A box on the side allows for one switch to turn it on/off and a second switch for snapping the picture or starting/stopping the video. An included USB cable connects the camera to a computer. The camera also comes with an audio/visu

Switch-Adapted Flip Camcorder (Model H-33)

The Switch-Adapted Flip Camcorder, model H-33, is a switch adapted video recorder designed for use by individuals with fine motor, neurological, or severe physical disabilities or cerebral palsy. This is an adapted version of the Flip camcorder, a self-contained unit that saves AVI files in an internal 2 gigabyte flash memory (one hour of video). One of the two switch inputs is the power (it will turn itself off after two minutes of non-use). The second switch input is record (and stop-record).

Talking Photo Album

The Talking Photo Album is a voice output photo album designed for use by individuals with cognitive, communication, or speech disabilities. This device can function as a communication tool or it can be used to create a talking slide show or talking storybook. The album has 24 pages for holding photos, with 10 seconds of recording time per page, and comes with an idea sheet. POWER: Uses 2 triple-A batteries (included). DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 1.5 x 14.25 x 9.25 inches. Each page can hold a 4 x 6 inc

Talking Photo Album (Model 9127)

The Talking Photo Album, model 9127, is a voice output photo album designed for use by individuals with cognitive, communication, or speech disabilities. This album allows the user to record and retrieve a ten-second message for each of the 24 pages of photographs, icons, and drawings. The user can start a message by pressing the button of any page. This device can also function as a communication tool or it can be used to create a talking slide show or talking storybook. POWER: Uses two triple-

Talking Photo Album Deluxe

The Talking Photo Album Deluxe is a recordable album that people can use to help their loved ones experiencing memory loss recall past events. Unlike most recordable albums that offer approximately ten seconds of recording time per picture, the Talking Photo Album Deluxe offers 200 total minutes of recording time across 20 pages. Moreover, the available time does not have to be divided equally among the images; the user can split up the time as he or she sees fit. For example, he can use 35 minu

Tilt'n Turner

The Tilt 'n Turner is a communicator or computer mounting kit for wheelchair or a camera mount for wheelchair designed for use by individuals with mobility or lower extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. The device can also be used to mount trays, easels, reading stands, remote controls and more. The device is equipped with a quick-release mounting plate offering 0 to 90 degrees of tilt and a paddle to unlock the joint to rotate the attached tray or device 360 degrees. There are 12 memor

Wheelchair Camera Mount

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with quadriplegia to take digital photographs. The user required a mount that would hold the camera very steady, but still allow her to use a tripod and to have the mount moved from a powered wheelchair to a manual wheelchair as required. A holder was designed with a stainless steel vertical arm mounted on the right front caster of each chair. For additional stability, the manual chair had an additional bracing clamped to the frame at wheel and

Wheelchair Camera Mount

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom wheelchair camera mount for a photographer with hemiplegia related to stroke and limited use of his right arm. This individual cannot simultaneously hold his camera firmly and press the shutter, particularly as he uses large lenses which are quite heavy, and using a tripod to hold the camera doesn’t work either, as it’s difficult to set this up with one hand. Therefore, a custom adaptation solution of creating a wheelchair camera m


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