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Elevating Platform

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Cougar Lifts, Personal Lifts

The Cougar Lifts and Personal Lifts are elevating platforms designed to lift an individual straight up for tasks such as changing high lightbulbs, etc. The base has four wheels with extending locks to expand the wheelbase and secure it while the lift is elevated. CAPACITY: Maximum load capacity 400 pounds. POWER: 12 volt battery. DIMENSIONS: Working heights are 16 or 24 feet. The platform is 26 x 38 inches.

Full Flex Valet

The Full Flex Valet is an elevating platform for computer monitors designed to elevate the screen to a more comfortable eye level, and to free up valuable work space. The extension arm has a gas spring that allows for easy adjustments. The arm extends, retracts, and rotates as it holds the monitor or terminal on a tilt and swivel base in virtually any viewing position. the arm lifts the base of the monitor from 7.5 to 13.5 inches above the work surface, extends/retracts 7 inches with a maximum r

Genie Aerial Work Platform (Awp)

The Genie Aerial Work Platform, or AWP, is an elevating platform designed as an alternative to climbing a ladder to perform tasks at extreme heights. Features of the lift include clear visual decals and big control buttons; AC power receptacle; a manual lowering lever to allow a controlled descent in the event of power failure; ground level entry; a locking key switch to assist in preventing unauthorized use; a light panel to allow visual confirmation that all outriggers are in place; ramped out

Maxi Lift

Portable elevating work platform 28 inches by 57 inches by 6 foot 7 inches. Height adjusts from 6 feet 7 inches to 15 feet. 6 non slip metal steps to work platform. Dual action. Cable lifting system. One person operation goes through standard doorway, 2 feet 8 inches by 6 feet 8 inches. Power: manual, winch, battery, or 110 volt electric motor. Options: fiberglass insulated bucket, tool holders, platform extension. Supports up to 500 pounds.

Monitormate (Model R7929)

The MonitorMate, model R7929, is an elevating platform for computer monitors designed to provide a more comfortable viewing position for the user without losing valuable workstation space. The platform can be adjusted infinitely from 3.75 to 10.75 inches above the desk. It's counterbalance weight allows for adjustments with fingertip pressure. A non-skid mat keeps the monitor from sliding in the support tray. No installation is required; the platform rests on the work surface. An adjustment too

Vox Adjustable Workstation-L Shape

The Vox™ Series by POPULAS is designed to accommodate various work heights for individuals of all sizes in a variety of work industries. It is designed to increase circulation, spine health, user productivity and interpersonal interactions. Vox™ workstations eliminate the cross brace, allowing ultimate knee space and complete freedom of movement. It is equipped with a push-button powered adjustment that has been designed to operate smoothly with minimal noise. It is built with extruded aluminum

Vuriser (Model R7866)

The VuRiser, model R7866, is an elevating platform for computer monitors designed to reduce neck stress by adjusting the monitor to a more comfortable eye level. VuRisers are individual platforms that, when stacked, provide one inch of lift per VuRiser. Each platform is a molded plastic rectangle large enough to support most monitor bases. Sold in boxes of 6 units. DIMENSIONS: 11.25 x 11.25 x 1 1/8 inches each. Each box provides for 6 inches of lift.

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