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Hyperbaric Sleeve

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Circulator Mechanical Peripheral Heart

Pneumatic pressure sleeve provides means of forcing fluid through tissues where there is circulation impairment. Affected extremity (leg or arm) encased in pressure sleeve that compresses area being treated. Stimulates peripheral vascular circulation with sequential compression treatment from digital to proximal. Unit usually used under supervision of therapist of physician. Weight 33 pounds.


Portable multi-purpose hyperbaric system for the treatment of lymphedema and other edematous conditions. Sequential pressure sleeve fills and moves fluid from limbs in distal to proximal direction. Short inflation/deflation cycle allows higher pressure use. Patient regulatable pressure control. Dimensions 14.5 by 14.5 by 10 inches. Weight 30 pounds. 275 watts. 110 volts; 60 Hz (220 volts; 50 Hz available). 6 pressure compartments per sleeve. 2 standard sizes available. Two extremities may be tre

Flowtron Intermittent Compression Therapy

Intermittent compression system to stimulate blood flow and reduce edema. Inflatable limb sleeves, full length zippers, pressure relief pull ring for rapid deflation, open toe design for ventilation and tube for attaching pneumatic pump unit. Flowpac ($2,450.00) pumps have inflation and deflation controls with adjustable timer. Flowtron ($450. 00) and Flowpress ($500.00) have a preset time with an adjustable pressure control. Garments are available in a variety of sizes for upper and lower extre

Stump Shrinker (Models 74012 & 74013)

The Stump Shrinker is a hyperbaric sleeve for the post-operative phase of individuals who have had a limb amputated. Designed primarily for below knee application, model 74012 is 8 inches long, and model 74013 is 12 inches long. MATERIALS: The sleeve is 80 percent nylon, 20 percent rubber. SIZE: Sized according to residual limb circumference at midpoint of shrinker length: Small for 10 to 12-inch diameters, Medium for 12.5 to 14.5-inch diameters, Large for 15 to 17-inch diameters, and X Large fo

Topical High Oxygen Pressure Sleeve (Model 64390)

Hyperbaric sleeve. Disposable, plastic oxygen pressure sleeve for extremities provides treatment for decubiti and other open tissue wounds. Single patient use. Aids control of infection.

Topical Hyperbaric Sleeves

Hyperbaric pressure sleeve. Plastic sleeve fits over extremity. Inflates with oxygen from any oxygen type regulator. Manometer (not included) needed to monitor oxygen pressure.

Wright Linear Pump (Models Wlp-Ii, Wlp-Iii, & Wlp-Iv) & Wright Gradient Pressure Support Garments

Electrically operated sequential pneumatic system to reduce lymphedema. Three pressure bladders on an extremity inflate to programmed gradient pressures over a two minute period. The sequential compression at three different pressures (distal always highest) in the three cells " squeezes" excess fluid from the extremity into the lymphatic system, toward the centerr of the body. Timing sequence and pressure for each pressure cell is individually adjustable based on protocols for various disorders


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