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Basketball Backstop

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Adjustable Basketball Outfit

Adjustable basketball backstop. Galvanized steel pipe support post and extrusion arms. Fan shaped high density polyethelene backboard with twin rim goal and nylon net is clamped onto support posts. Backstop can be moved up or down to accomodate any size player.

Burke Basketball Backstops

Variety of basketball backstops. Wood, steel or aluminum backstops. Galvanized pipe support posts. Backstop in regular or offset styles. 2 to 6 feet in front of support posts.

Theraplay Successball (Model 382-663)

TheraPlay Successball is a basketball backstop for players in wheelchairs. The rim is height adjustable, and is mounted on a galvanized steel frame with a nylon rebound net and a bottom rollback net. It is ideal for training for for higher skill levels. DIMENSIONS: The rim is 30 inches in diameter. Height adjusts from five to eight feet. The rebound net is eight feet wide. WEIGHT: 100 pounds.

Theraplay Successball Jr. (Model 382-664)

Successball Jr. is a basketball net for players in wheelchairs. It has a large square rim and a lower height than normal to ensure successful "basketball" play for beginners or individuals with severe disabilities. It stands on 4 legs. DIMENSIONS: Rim is four feet square. height is five feet. WEIGHT: 44 pounds.

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