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Volar Wrist and Thumb Orthosis

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Freedom Sportsfit Wt

The FREEDOM SportsFit WT (models ##5124, ##5125, ##5126, and ##5127) is a reusable, prefitted volar wrist and thumb orthosis designed to protect an athlete's hand against reinjury during contact sports. This splint provides full motion for fingers, and positions the thumb in opposition to allow for grasp while protecting it against sudden, forceful stretching of the collateral ligaments. According to the manufacturer, this orthosis is game approved for high school and college football; due to th

Page Turner/Keyboard Aid-Hand/Wrist Cuff

Rolyan Aquaform Zippered Wrist And Thumb Spica Splint (Models A175100 Thru A175114)

The Rolyan AquaForm Zippered Wrist and Thumb Spica Splint, models A175100 thru A175114, are volar wrist and thumb orthoses designed for use by individuals with cumulative trauma injuries or metacarpalphalangeal fractures or reconstruction. These splints are available for the right or left hand and in a choice of long or short models. The long styles, models A175100 thru A175405, extends to just distal to the elbow, while the short models, A175106 to A175114, covers approximately two-thirds of th

Royce Neoprene Wrist / Thumb Wrap

The Neoprene Wrist Wrap is a volar wrist and thumb orthosis designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or injury. This splint is fabricated of 1/8 inch neoprene and is brushed nylon lined. The splint also features Velcro closures and is contoured below the palmar crease to allow 90-degree flexion. OPTIONS: Hot/cold therapy gel pad. SIZES: Universal.

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