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Overhead Bookholder

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Booklift Copyholder (Model 4065)

The Booklift Copyholder, Model 4065, is a portable, folding overhead bookholder designed for use by people with upper extremity disabilities. The device folds completely flat consists of a clear plexiglass bookrest on telescoping legs to allow the book to be placed at the most comfortable angle for the user. The holder has nine height adjustments and two adjustable clips. DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): 11.75 x 9.38 x 1.75 inches with a 1.5-inch lip when open.

Convert-Able Table (Art Easel)

The Convert-Able Table (Art Easel) is a height-adjustable tilt-top work table and overhead bookholder designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs or with severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This unit lifts books for eye-level or overhead reading within a range of 9 to 18 inches high. Springs provide the lifting power. The unit is designed so that the paper will stay where placed: up or down, left or right, at any angle without adjustment of knobs or levers. Horizontal gui

Fabian Writing / Reading Aid (Model H73500)

The Fabian Writing/Reading Aid, model H73500, is an overhead bookholder and writing board designed to allow individuals confined to a bed in a supine position to read and write. The unit consists of a vertical support bar which attaches to the headboard of the bed with padded clamps (included), or to the wall with screws. The overhead fixture swings horizontally to any desired position, and supports the easel which adjusts to a wide range of angles. The metal parts are chrome-plated steel, and t

Hold It, The

The Hold It is an adjustable bookholder, notebook/laptop computer support, and writing board designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities or arthritis. Infinitely adjustable, the unit enables hands-free reading while sitting in a chair or lying in bed. It can also be used ad a writing board or stand or computer support while sitting, lying down, or standing. Made from high-quality lightweight aluminum, steel, and durable plastics, the unit accomodates almost any

Levo Deluxe Ebook And Tablet Floor Stand

The Levo Deluxe eBook and Tablet Floor Stand is an electronic bookholder and stand for tablet computer designed for use by people with grasping neurological or upper extremity disabilities, cerebral palsy or arthritis. The patented cantilever design does not require clearance under furniture and allows the iPad or tablet computer or ebook reader to extend from either the right or left side of chairs, beds, or wheelchair. The unit is adjustable without tools. The platform is adjustable to an infi

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