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Telephone with Braille Markings

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Bell Feature Phone With Big Button Plus

The Bell Feature Phone with Big Button Plus is a hearing-aid compatible large button telephone designed for use by individuals with hearing disabilities. Standard features include a visual ring indicator; thirteen-number memory, with three emergency one-touch numbers; last number redial; speakerphone, ringer, and handset volume adjustability; a raised keypad with braille markings; an LED speakerphone indicator; abd power failure protection. This phone can be used on a desktop or wall mounted.

Big Button Caller Id Telephone

The Big Button Caller ID is a large button telephone designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. The phone features large buttons with raised numbers and Braille markings. It also includes a digital, LCD caller ID screen that allows sighted users to see information about callers before answering the telephone.

Braille CapTel

The Braille CapTel is a captioned telephone for people who are blind, deaf-blind or have low vision. This phone is designed specifically to interact with the CapTel Captioning Service to display a realtime transcript of each conversation on a screen located just above the number key pad. Read braille captions of telephone conversations on a dynamic braille display. Users who subscribe to the CapTel Captioning Service place each call in the same way as dialing a traditional phone. As the user dia

Soft Pet

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a mobile phone with call-and-respond naming capacity for individuals who are blind or have low vision. Dubbed the Soft Pet by its designers, this mobile phone responds to its assigned name when called much like a pet does. In addition to the call-and-respond naming capability, the Soft Pet offers speech input and output functionality and Braille buttons. The user gives the Soft Pet mobile phone a name much like they would a pet. When the

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