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Forearm Cane

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Armrest Cane Crutch (Models 5190 & 5191)

Padded forearm trough on aluminum upright with safety rubber tip. Vertical contoured handgrip. Distance adjustable from front of trough. Silencing system eliminates rattle. Push button height adjustable tall adult 42 to 51 inches. Adult 36 to 45 inches.

Forearm Cane (Model 6814)

Padded forearm trough mounted on an aluminum upright with safety rubber tip. Adjustable Velcro fastener for securing forearm to trough. Contour vertical handgrip adjusts forward or backward and rotates. Height adjustable with pushbutton. No height given.

Strongarm Forearm Cane

The STRONGARM Forearm Cane is a forearm cane or crutch desined for use by individuals with balance or walking disabilities. The device is shaped similarly to an offset cane and combines a handgrip and bracing element in a handle that shifts loads from wrists to forearms. The handle is formed from a single length of tubing to deliver forearm crutch performance without multi-piece assemblies or large plastic sections. The cushioned cradle ties lower shaft movements to the stable forearm rather th

The Aid

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype a walking aid that provides physical support, navigation, and serves as a health monitoring device for individuals who are elderly or individuals with disabilities. Created by Egle Ugintaite from Lithuania, “the aid,” is a cane that provides mobile navigation and health management services. In addition to ambulation support, this high-tech cane also monitors the user’s pulse, blood pressure, and temperature through sensors located in the wr

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