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Direction Tutorial Program

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DINO-GAMES are academic tutorial programs designed for individuals with a learning disability. DINO-DOT is a collection of sot-to-sot games which enhance number concepts, counting, sequencing skills, and spacial perception. Games can be selected using patterns of three, six, nine or twelve dots. The mode of play, difficulty level, auditory feedback and scan speed can be controlled manually. DINO-FIND is a game of concentration that stimulates memory and pattern recognition and provides scanning

Following Directions: Left And Right

Following Directions: Left and Right is a tutorial program designed to provide practice in following directions and use of short term memory while reinforcing left/right discrimination concepts for children and adults with language learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, autism and attention deficit disorders. In ten activities of increasing difficulty, students are asked to move objects to particular positions on the screen using the commands "left" and "right.

Following Directions: One And Two-Level Commands

Following Directions: One- and Two-Level Commands is a direction tutorial program designed to increase auditory comprehension, reinforce basic concepts, improve responses to classroom instructions, build independence and facilitate classroom inclusion for children and adults with language-learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, autism, and attention deficit disorders. This program provides practice in following one- and two-step directions and using short-term m

Lawn Compass

DO IT YOURSELF PURPOSE: To provide outdoor directional training for individuals who are blind or who have low vision. The device consists of two square frames, one placed horizontally through the center of the other, causing the two top boards to form an "x." The squares are attached at the top and the bottom with large diameter carriage bolts and wing nuts, which enables the unit to fold for portability. The vertical pieces are made of 2 x 4s and the horizontal pieces are made of 1 x 4s. Trian


Multi-SCAN is a single switch activity center designed for individuals who have alearning disability and are limited to the use of a single switch. It features the four educational DINO-GAMES (see separate entry) in one complete package. On top of that there are five fraphic libraries appropriate for a wide range of ages and abilities. The catagories include Animals, Cosmetology, Independent Living, Sports and Vocations. Multi-SCAN allows you to select a graphic library, choose games and set a s

Sportime Direct Cue

The Sportime Direct Cue is a direction tutorial program designed to guide the direction, movement and placement of body parts for young children (early walkers) and chair users. The program can be used individually or in group sessions. The components consist of curved lines, hand and foot prints, and arrows fabricated from a pliable vinyl material. The user is able to construct multi-sized circles, walk-along pathways, or a pattern of choice with arrows directing the way. OPTIONS: There are six


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