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Wheelchair Carrier for Pickup Truck

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Ameriglide Universal 350 Truck Bed Lift

The Ameriglide Universal 350 Tuck Bed Lift is a scooter or wheelchair loader for pickup trucks designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. With the push of a button, this unit can lift almost any mobility scooter or electric power wheelchair into a truck's bed using a boom arm and powered rotation (PR). It can be mounted on either side of the vehicle in most pickup trucks, whether it has an extended bed or an extended cab. Made from weather- resistant materials, the unit has an a

Cradle To Hold Bike In The Back Of A Pickup.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Cradle is designed to hold the front tires of two bicycles in a pickup truck but it could also be built to hold the two tires of a wheelchair. Wooden rack made from plywood and dowels. Twin cradles are mounted on a flat piece of plywood that lies on the truck bed. the base can be notched to fit any ribs in the truck bed. Includes photograph and drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. TITLE: Cradle holds bike in back of a pickup. REF: Article: Sunset Mag


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