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Adult Bib Clothing Protector - Smoker Bib

The Adult Bib Clothing Protector - Smoker Bib is a fireproof apron designed for use by individuals with grasping, fine motor, or upper extremity disabilities, cerebral palsy or spinal core injury. Constructed of flameproof material, this apron is intended to protect people from burns and fire when smoking cigarettes, cigars or a pipe. The apron fits around the neck provides knee-length coverage. SIZE: One size fits all. COLOR: Black or tan.

Ash Tray (Model 603)

This removable ashtray has a mounting lug for attachment to any average size tubing on wheelchairs, beds, or tables. The ashtray has a center holder for cigarettes. DIMENSIONS: 5 inches square.

Ashtray With Remote Smoker Tube (Model 16C036)

The Ashtray with Remote Smoker Tube, model 16C036, is a remotesmoking device designed for use by individuals with severe or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. The consists of a clear tube attached on one end to the inside of the ashtray where the cigarette is placed; the other end of the tube acts as a mouthpiece for the user to smoke. The device is designed so that the cigarette remains contained in the ashtray if the user falls asleep while smoking. DIMENSIONS: The tube is 36

Chairmate Cup Holder/ashtray Holder (Model F70622-0000)

The Chairmate Cup/Ashtray Holder, model F70622-0000, is a wheelchair drink holder designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. The unit features a double-well cup holder and a removable ashtray. The deeper well has a pop-out bottom that accommodates most glasses and cups. The unit can be attached vertically or horizontally on the right or left side of any chair, metal frame-bed, or tubular frame wheelchair bar from 1/2 to 1.25 inches in diameter. DIMENSIONS (LxWxD): 7.75 x 6.25 x 1.75 in

Clip On Ashtray (Model 16C034)

The Clip-On Ashtray, model 16C034, is a clip-on ashtray designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. A secure mounting system attaches the ashtray to the wheelchair. Two clips snap over the wheelchair tubing and for additional security, a rubber ring snaps over the ends of the clips to lock the unit in place to eliminate spilled ashes.

Clip-On Ashtray With Remote Tube (Model 562187)

The Clip-On Ashtray with Remote Tube, model 562187, is a clip on ashtray and remote smoking device designed for use by smokers who use wheelchairs and have upper extremity disabilities. The cigarette is placed in one end of the tube, which holds it over the ashtray, and the smoker uses the mouthpiece of the tube to smoke. The ashtray has two clips which snap onto wheelchair. Security rubber rings snap over the ends of clips to lock the unit in place. DIMENSIONS: Tube is 36 inches long.

Smoker's Apron

The Smoker's Apron is a fireproof apron designed for use by individuals with Alzheimer's disease or cognitive or upper extremity disabilities. Made of lightweight Kevlar fabric that does not burn or melt, the apron goes on over the head and covers the chest and lap to insulate and protect. The apron is washable. DIMENSIONS: 20 x 36 inches. COLOR: Black or rust.

Smoker's Apron (Model 906010)

The Smoker's Apron, model 906010, is a fireproof apron designed to protect individuals with upper extremity or cognitive disabilities from burns or accidental fires due to smoking. This full-sized, lightweight apron covers the wearer's lap and chest and is designed to prevent smoking materials from falling between the chair or wheelchair and the wearer. SIZES: Universal.

Smoker's Safety Bib (Model 904)

The Smoker's Safety Bib, model 904, is a fireproof apron designed to protect smokers from burns and cigarette fire hazard. The knee-length apron has a shortened back to accommodate wheelchair users. It is made of NOMEX, a flame-retardant fabric developed to protect firefighters, and features a Velcro closure behind the neck and pocket. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 36 x 26 inches. WARRANTY: The manufacturer guarantees satisfaction with this product or it may be exchanged or returned for a full refund.

Smokers Bib

The Smokers Bib is a fireproof apron designed for use by individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or upper extremity disabilities. Made with Nomex, a flame retardant fiber, this full size bib does not burn or melt. The bib features two side snaps for wear at the shoulder and one front snap at the neck for over- the- head wear. The flame retardant fiber will not wash out through laundering. COLOR: Royal blue.


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