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Platform Forearm Attachment for Walker

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Forearm Rest Attachment (Model 6035)

Neolite covered trough and vertical handgrips that adjust fore, aft, and rotate. For attachment to Invacare wheeled walkers.

Platform Attachment (Model 6027)

The Platform Attachment, model 6027, is a platform forearm attachment for a walker designed to enable individuals with upper extremity and mobility disabilities to use walkers. These height-adjustable platforms install without tools and feature a thick, vinyl-covered arm pad with a heavy-duty Velcro strap and a padded hand grip. WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty.

Platform Crutch Attachment For Walkers (Model 7702)

Padded forearm trough mounted on aluminum upright. Vertical vinyl handgrip can be positioned fore and aft to accommodate forearm length. Aluminum upright clamps on to upper and lower horizontal side bars of walker. Height adjustable. Velcro closure restraining strap for forearm.

Platform Walker Attachment

The Platform Walker Attachment is a platform forearm attachment for a walker. This attachment fits most walkers and is intended for use by a person who cannot bear weight on his or her hand.

Platform Walker Attachment (Model W1219)

The Platform Walker Attachment, model W1219, is a platform forearm attachment for walker designed to enable individuals with use of only one arm to use a walker. The unit clamps to the side bars of most walkers and extends above the walker arm. A contoured platform supports the affected arm and a hook-and-loop closure strap secures the arm. The unit is equipped with an upright padded handgrip.

Walking Frame Modifications

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide custom adaptation to a walking frame for an individual with rheumatoid arthritis. The current walking frame provided to the individual by the hospital had several issues. The individual’s arms are quite short and slender, and the armrests were set too wide for her; therefore, her arms were not at the right angle and the sides of the armrests were cutting into her. The existing vinyl cover and foam padding on the armrests was removed, the armrests were repos

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