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Floor Sitter with Casters

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Carpeted Double Scooter (Model Ap 245)

The Carpeted Double Scooter, model AP 245, is a scooter board designed for use by children with lower extremity, mobility, or neurological disabilities. This scooter board is made of plywood covered with padded carpeting, and has eight ball bearing casters. The double board can be separated into two smaller scooters by releasing a lock hitch. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 32 x 12 inches (double scooter); separate scooters are 16 x 12 inches. The board is 5/8 inches thick. COLOR: Boards are available in asso

High-Low Chair

The High-Low Chair is a positioning chair designed for use by children up to 45 inches tall with mobility or neurological disabilities. A pneumatic cylinder allows the chair height to be adjusted with a single lever or the seat and frome can be detached from the wheeled star-shaped pedestal base for use as a floor sitter. The colorful support seat is padded and covered in wipe-clean polymer-coated fabric. To hold the child comfortably in mid-line, the chair is equipped with a quilted cotton-line

Safety Grip Scooter

The Safety Grip Scooter is a floor sitter with casters designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. This sitter is a heavy- duty plastic board with hand holds mounted on four non-marring swivel casters. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 12 x 12 inches. Casters are 2 inches in diameter.

Southpaw Special Rider (Model 1982)

The Special Rider, model 1982, is a riding toy designed to provide support for positioning and smoother riding mobility for children with lower extremity and poor trunk control. The child controls the Special Rider by swinging the handle bars from side to side. It allows the physically limited child to become self propelled and engage in fun upper extremity and trunk exercise. By providing normal play activity, it helps to promote visual perceptual skills, enhance motor planning, and provide ves

Therapeutic Roller Rider (Model Ap 5003)

The Therapeutic Roller Rider, model AP 5003, is a scooter board with trunk support designed for use by children with poor trunk control and weak lower extremities. By moving the handlebars from side to side, the child can play independently. Upturned handlebars encourage trunk extension and rotation, while promoting shoulder stability and upper extremity reciprocal movement. The board has a footplate to position the feet and an adjustable lower extremity strap. The board also has a padded back s

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