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Pneumatic Tire and Wheel

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Beach Econo Kit

The Beach Econo Kit is a kit for converting a wheelchair or stroller into an all-terrain wheelchair or stroller designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities, mobility disabilities, and spinal cord injury. The kit consists of four balloon wheels from Roleez Wheels, Inc. (see separate entry), two pre-drilled anodized axles, u-bolts, and wheel clips. To mount, the rear wheels are popped off, the axle tubes are slid across the frame and bolted on, and the balloon wheels are slid

Wheeleez Balloon Wheels

Wheeleez Balloon Wheels are beach wheelchair wheels designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, lower extremity disabilities, and spinal cord injury. These wheels have flanged hubs and polyurethane balloon tires that are pliable enough to roll over soft sand, muddy turf, snow, sensitive environments, and uneven surfaces, including bumps, stairs, and curbs. The wheels are made from PVC or polyurethane depending on size. OPTIONS: Swivel or rigid caster for the 11.8-inch wheel. DIME

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