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Child's Bath Support

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Ableware 704092005 Sit and Ride Ambulatory Aid

Assists developmentally delayed children and adults who are experiencing ambulatory difficulties. Can be used as a stepping stone in therapy. Practice in the seated position of certain ambulatory patterns will prepare a person for actual use of the movements in a standing position. The sling allows children and adults of all sizes to sit and propel themselves with their feet and to practice smooth reciprocal leg movements, heel strikes, and coordinated knee flexion and extension. Can also be use

Bath Trax

Bath Trax is a combination caster shower chair and reclining bath seat designed for use with children and adolescents with mobility disabilities. The three-piece unit comprises a multi-position mesh support sling with a torso belt, a rolling chasis with five-inch locking casters, and a removable tub support frame. To use the unit, which works with any standard bathtub, the child is placed on the sling which is affixed to the rolling chasis. The rolling chasis is then placed beside the bathtub wi

Bathing Frame

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted bathing frame for a child with hyptonia, epilepsy, and paralysis. A parent with a child with disability was having difficulty lifting her child out of the bath and was having back problems as a result. The child was very difficult to lift out of the bath as his limbs are very floppy and he cannot hold his own head. A new bath support design was based on an original bath created for another person, making the frame construct

Blue Wave Bathing System (Models E451, E452 & E453)

The Blue Wave Bathing System, models E451, E452 and E453, is a child's bath seat designed for use with children with physical disabilities. This chair supports the child in a sitting or reclining position at a height convenient for bathing with no obstructions for the caregiver. The unit consists of a detachable, adjustable seat and a stand to raise the seat further above the tub floor. The seat features two types of upholstery a soft, sturdy polyester knit or the standard vinyl-covered polyeste

Child's Bath Position Aid

The Child's Bath Position Aid is a child bath support designed to support the child in the long sitting position in the bath. This support features an aluminum frame, adjustable double chest belts and a lap belt with plastic snap buckles, and a plastic foam seat support covered in open-mesh vinyl knit. Foam cushions protect the tub surface. OPTIONS: A 5-inch or 7-inch tray to covert the aid to a floor sitter is available. DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): The frame is 24 x 16.25 x 14 inches.

Children's Chaise Child Seat

The Children’s Chaise Child Seat is a bath seat designed for children to bathe themselves. Features a handgrip to make transporting easy, a notch for a hand held shower, and an indented pad to hold a bar of soap. A double belt fits around the thighs to ensure safety while in the bathtub. A softer plastic height adjustable headrest holds the head in a comfortable but secure position, a necessity when head control is limited. Originally designed for the bathtub, the Children's Chaise Child Seat is

Columbia Wrap-Around Bath Support (Models 7200, 7300, & 7700)

The Columbia Bath Support is a child bath seat designed to hold a child in a normal sitting position to provide trunk stabilization and to free the hands of the individual helping to bathe the child. It may also be used in other seating applications and in supervised wading pools. The support has a secure, contoured trunk yoke. The chair frame rests on the bottom of the tub and has a soft coating to protect the tub's finish. The seat features a rustproof frame, a rip-proof mesh seat, and stainle

Flamingo, The

The Flamingo is a child's bath and toilet seat designed for use by children with severe physical disabilities or mobility disabilities. Available in three sizes and designed for children from two to thirteen years of age, the unit consists of a height-adjustable wheeled frame and a removable, multi-use padded seat covered in waterproof upholstery. When removed from the frame, the seat can be used as a toilet seat or bath seat, Removable lateral sections provide additional support if needed. The

Frame For Bath Insert

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a custom adaptation of a frame for bath insert for a child with cerebral palsy. A Sunburst bath insert was purchased and a frame to mount this over the existing bath was built. A wooden model to test the fit and comfort of the proposed frame was created. Once fine-tuned, it was built by a local supplier with square stainless steel tube, which would not corrode when it gets wet. The frame fits snugly to the top of the existing bath, and has adjustable bolts

Leckey Advance Bath Chair

The Leckey Advance Bath Chair is a child bath seat designed for use by children with mobility and neurological disabilities. This chair supports the child in a sitting or reclining position at a height convenient for bathing with no obstructions for the caregiver. The seat features a lightweight, stainless steel frame, adjustable legs, a removable mesh cover, articulating back and leg supports, head support, and Velcro-adjustable hip and chest belts. The chair is available in four sizes to accom

Otter Bathing System

The Otter Bathing System is an affordable alternative to a tub seat designed for individuals with limited mobility to use. It is with a Seat fabric can be slipped off to bathe a child sitting on the tub floor, supported by the chair back. Seat and back are angles are adjustable with five settings. Folds flat for easy storage. 

Robby Bathing Support

Robby Bathing Support is a child's bath support designed for use by children with neurological and severe physical disabilities. The frame is made of telescoping tubes that allow the hip, knee, neck, and head support areas to be adjusted separately to accommodate various sitting and lying positions. The seat area and back length can be adjusted as the child grows. The upper mesh section can be removed for hair washing. Lower leg positioning straps are included. OPTIONS: Robby Trunk Belt for addi

Stand For Baby Bath

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted baby bath stand for a mother with cerebral palsy. The individual bought a plastic baby bath, but she couldn’t use this in the bottom of the main bath as she couldn’t bend over far enough from a kneeling position. The baby bath stand/platform was made from marine-grade plywood and spray-painted with white enamel to waterproof it. This rests over the main bath, with timber stops underneath to keep it in position. There is a h

Super Grip Suction Handle

The Super Grip Suction Handle is a bathroom bar designed to help users get in or out of the shower or tub. The bathtub bars are made of steel, are white, and enamel-coated. The crank-looking device attaches to the tub wall in order to help persons with mobility issues get in/out of the bathtub. This product has rubber pads to prevent damage to the tub walls.

Todd Bath Seat

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a child with global developmental delays and low muscle tone with appropriate seating and positioning for bathing. The chair is made of PVC pressure pipe and fittings, with a seat and back of outdoor fabric. The seat is also equipped with a webbing pelvic strap and crotch strap. The base frame is fitted with suction cups for security and stability. The seat back is fixed at 90 degrees to the seat and the entire seat unit can be reclined from 32 to 50 degree

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