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Foot Propelled Cart

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Amusement Roller Racer (Model 5000A)

The Amusement Roller Racer, Model 5000A, is a riding toy or scooter board designed for use by children with mobility, balance, or lower extremity disabilities. Propelled by swinging the handlebars/footrests from side to side, the Roller Racer can be ridden by individuals ages three years through adult, indoors and outdoors. The thick "rams-horn" handlebars are designed to protect and keep hands inside the rail. The buffer wheels are designed to protect the handlebar and the riding surface as wel

Kaye Scoot About (Model Sb1)

The Kay Scoot About, model SB1, is a scooter board designed for use with children and adults with lower extremity or severe physical disabilities. This four-wheeled, height-adjustable device enables children and adults to sit on the seat and propel themselves with their feet and enabling them to work on heel strike and coordinated knee flexion and extension skills. These patterns, needed for ambulation, can be developed while seated in the absence of standing balance. The height-adjustable seat

Mobility Module.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Mobility module counteracting the tonic labyrinth reflex in a cerebral palsied child. Increases independent mobility after short training sessions. Modified toy tractor with a foot propelled camshaft drive mechanism in module base. High back seating unit made of plywood measuring 12 inches by 24 inches by 3/4 inches is fastened to base. Foam rubber cushions and lightweight aluminum tubing were also used. Bib style harness was used to secure child into

Power Pumper

Power Pumper is a ride-on toy designed for use by children with physical or neurological disabilities. It is propelled by a push-pull rowing motion powered by using arms and legs, legs only, or arms only. It offers full body aerobic workouts and motor skill development. CAPACITY: 300 pounds. COLORS: Black and Red or Lime and Purple. WARRANTY: One year limited warranty against defective parts and manufacturing.

Wheeled Chair Base

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To adapt a positioning chair for an individual with cerebral palsy to provide mobility. A base plate made of 12 millimeter (mm) plywood with a rounded cutout to accommodate the user's legs for foot propulsion was created. The original chair legs were shortened and the angles were fastened with horizontal bolts screwed to the base. Braked casters with polyurethane tires were attached to the underside of the base. In a final step, armressts similar to those found on off

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