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Small Steering Wheel

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Aevit W-Series Steering System

The AEVIT W-Series Steering System is a small steering wheel designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. It utilizes a miniature wheel input device. The total number of rotations from full left steer to full right steer is 6-3/4 turns, which is approximately twice the rotations of the OEM steering wheel. The force input required to turn the wheel is 0.2 pounds as measured at a position of 3 3/8 inches from center. DIMENSIONS: Wheel input device is 6 inches in diameter.

Deep Dish (Small) Steering Wheel (Model V14)

Deep dish steering wheel brings steering wheel rim 4 inches closer to wheelchair driver. Smaller diameter of steering wheel improves wheelchair accessibility to steering wheel and lessens range of motion need for steering. Diameter of wheel 13 1/2 inches. Usually used with sensitized steering system (see separate entry) and with backup system for emergencies in case of engine failure.

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