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Steering Wheel Spinner Ring for Amputee

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Amputee Spinner

The Amputee Spinner is a steering wheel spinner ring designed for use by drivers with a prosthetic upper limb or hook. This device features a large ring that attaches to the rim of the steering wheel. This device can be removed when not required by the driver. WARRANTY: 5 years.

Hosmer Driving Ring

The Hosmer Driving Ring is a steering wheel spinner ring for upper extremity amputees that is designed for use on automobile steering wheels, boat tillers, aircraft controls, and most bicycles. The device attaches with a clamp to the steering instrument; the side of the clamp has a rubber surface for a secure grip. The swivel ring is coated in plastic, and has a 4/5-inch inside diameter.

Steering Control Hook Grip (Model 3521)

The Steering Control Hook Grip, model 3521, is a spinner ring designed for use by individuals who use a two-finger prosthetic hook when driving. The device attaches to a bar mounted on the steering wheel in a ball bearing spinner receptacle. To secure the steering wheel for ease in handling, the user places one finger on the outside of the spinner ring while postioning the other finger on the inside.

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