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Wheel Lock Extension Lever

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Brake Extension (Model 86)

The Brake Extension, model 86, is a wheel lock extension lever designed for use by individuals who are unable to reach or manipulate standard wheel locks on wheelchairs. These devices attach to the existing wheel lock brake of a wheelchair and is held in place by a lock knob.

Sammons Preston Bright Brakes (Model 6503)

The Bright Brakes, model 6503, are globe-shaped wheel lock extension levers designed for use on wheelchairs of individuals with low vision and grasping disabilities. The size and color of the brake extensions increases visibility while providing a comfortable and easy-to-hold grip. These extensions fit all standard tubular brake extensions (brake extensions sold separetely). COLOR: Blue, teal, or gold metallic finish (no color choice).

Sammons Preston Wheelchair Brake Lock Extension (Models 652402, 652403 & 552504)

The Sammons Preston Wheelchair Brake Lock Extension, models 652402, 652403 & 552504), is a wheel lock extension lever designed for use by wheelchair users with limited reach or arm strength. The chrome-plated steel lever is made of 0.63-inch round tubing and has a flat opening at one end to slip over the existing wheel lock; the other end has a rubber grip. The flattened end fits over standard brake lock and adds 11 inches. DIMENSIONS: 7.5 inches long.

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