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Desk Lapboard

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Desk Shelf

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To create a lower work surface on an existing desk. This shelf adapts an old-style rolltop desk with twin drawer pedestals (one on each side) beneath the desktop, with an open area between them. A pair of roller drawer slides is installed on the inner faces and a piece of plywood is fit between them, creating a shelf that slides out of sight when not in use. The shelf accommodates a laptop computer and a mouse or it can be used as a writing surface and for paper st

Kayjae Portable Storage Desk (Models Sd121216, Sd121418, Sd161216, & Sd161216)

The KayJae Portable Storage Desk is a desk lapboard designed for use by people with disabilities. It features a tabletop with ample space for writing and drawing, a storage compartment for supplies, an attached ledge to hold books and papers in place, and a side latch to keep the storage compartment closed. A support rod is also included to hold the storage compartment open. It can be used in a tilted, level, or freestanding position. OPTIONS: A plastic book clip and a non-skid, tabletop rubber

Kayjae Portable Versa-Table (Models Vt081212, Vt081216, Vt081418, Vt121212, Vt121216, Vt121418, Vt161216, & Vt161418)

The KayJae Portable Versa-Table is a portable desk lapboard designed for use by people with disabilities. It features a tabletop with ample space for writing, drawing, or eating and an attached ledge to hold books and papers in place. It can be adjusted to any height or angle. OPTIONS: A book holder, cup holder, double cup holder, book light, a plastic book clip, and a non-skid, tabletop rubber mat are options. DIMENSIONS: The desktop of model VT081212 is 12 x 12 inches, and the base is 8 inches

Lap Blackboard.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Lapboard for use on lap or table provides writing surface with extra arm support. A half-circle cutout is made in a 12 inch by 18 inch plywood tray. All sharp edges and corners are rounded. Both sides of the tray are finished with two coats of blackboard paint. Includes diagram. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Caston, D TITLE: Easy to Make Aids for Your Handicapped Child REF: London, England: Souvenir Press: p 102. Also available from Prentice-Ha

Posture Rite Lap Desk

The Posture Rite Lap desk is a portable desk lapboard for individuals who have difficulty sitting at a desk. It has a wedge shaped cushion, sloped at 20 degree angle with bead filler that conforms to the shape of the lap and maintains a firm steady work surface. The work surface is non glare. It can be inverted to become a pillow. Includes cloth loop handle for storage. DIMENSIONS:15 x 13 inches. WEIGHT: 20 ounces.

Reading Desk With Storage

The Reading Desk with Storage is a bookholder with storage desk designed for use by people who cannot hold books or who use wheelchairs. The unit features a top that can be tilted to 10 positions and is equipped with a rim to prevent items from sliding off. A foam-padded base keeps the desk from sliding. Storage space for papers, books, and writing instruments is provided under the top. DIMENSIONS: 10.5 x 19 inches. The unit folds to 2 inches thick.

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