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Swing with Torso Support

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Adult Safety Swing Chair

The Adult Safety Swing Chair is a swing with torso support designed for use by teens and adults who have good head control but who require extra torso support. This chair-style swing features a one-piece tubular steel frame, a seat and back of nylon belting, and adjustable seat and chest belts with Velcro closure. DIMENSIONS (WxLxH): 19 x 19 x 24 inches. The chest and seat belts are 2 inches wide.

Cocoon Swings (Models 132 & 135)

The Cocoon Swings, model 132 and 135, are suspended hammock swing designed to provide full body support for individuals with a physical disability. The swing is made of soft nylon mesh fabric which does not pinch with the weight of the client and it hangs from six strong webbing straps. The 132 model can accommodate children up to 50 inches tall and the 135 model up to six feet tall. Use the Safety Rotational Device (see separate entry) to provide orbital or axial stimulation. For additional sup


The Jennswing is a swing with torso support designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. This lightweight, rotational-molded plastic swing provides total body support, including upper and lower torso and legrest support. The swing includes upper torso and waist safety straps and armrests. It can be attached to any standard outdoor swing set, used indoors with its own stand (included), or suspended from the ceiling (proper hooks required). OPTIONS: JennSwing Frame and replacement 5-po

Soft Taco

The Soft Taco is a swing designed for use by individuals with emotional, cognitive, or neurological disabilities. This sling seat extends body pressure provided by the user's own weight to help calm a stimulated person in a non-restrictive setting. The seat is made of rip-stop material with soft, cotton-like feel, and it can be removed for washing. The user gets the full therapeutic effect by lying face up or down, and slowly swinging. SIZES: Junior and Adult. DIMENSIONS: Junior size: 54 inches

Southpaw Child And Adult Sling Swings (Models 133 & 134)

The sling swing, models 133 and 124, is a suspended hammock swing designed to provide full and even support of the torso for individuals with physical disabilities. The swing is made of soft nylon knit fabric which is better tolerated by tactilely defensive clients and will not gather or bunch with the weight of the client. Supported with heavy duty vinyl for strength and durability, the swing offers responsive support, provides all support in a flexion position and offers vestibular stimualtion

Theraplay Vertical Swing Seat (Model 382-406)

The TheraPlay Vertical Swing Seat is a torso support for children and adults with poor upper body control. The Step-In swing features adjustable upper torso support to suit the needs of most users. The frame is steel and supports a heavy-duty canvas seat. The swing easily attaches to standard swing hangers. Hardware and adjustable chest strap are included. DIMENSIONS: 24 inches wide by 30 inches long. WEIGHT: 24 pounds.

Variable Axis Swing (Model 4600)

The Variable Axis Swing, model 4600, is a suspended rotational swing designed to provide spatial awareness and vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation through movement. The swing allows movement in all directions included swinging and spinning with the use of the Rotational Device (see separate entry). The seat is comfortably cushioned for positioning from nearly vertical to horizontal. The Swing comes with a strapping system that offers security for gravitationally insecure and low tone clien

Vertical Seat Swing (Model T4100)

Swing with torso support and step in seat for adults or children. Frame encircles user and provides support. Allows a range of motion and exercises. Heavy duty canvas on steel frame. Adjustable chest strap. Includes chain and connecting hardware. Height adjustable. Weighs 24 pounds.

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