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Pelvic Traction Belt

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Disc-Traction is a pelvic traction belt designed for use by individuals with back pain. This spinal-stretching belt comes with a set of isometric exercises to help reduce and prevent lower back pain and disc compression. Made of non-elastic canvas, the belt is secured to the lower back with hook and loop fasteners. Once secured, Disc-Traction sits firmly on the pelvic bone, with its handles attached to the bottom of the belt. To use, an individual pushes downward on the handles, and the lower ba

Morgan Lumbar Traction Exercise Harness (Hmhmr)

The Morgan Lumbar Traction Exercise Harness is a traction system designed to provide traditional mechanical, heavy manual, or pulley traction, body weight suspension traction, or unloading (unweighted) exercise for individuals with low back disabilities or injuries. This harness handles single- or double-pull lumbar traction in forces up to 300 pounds in prone, supine, or vertical positions. When used as a thoracic harness, it contours around the rib cage to minimize pressure to the chest area.

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