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Adapted DVD Player

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Adapted Dvd Player (Model 1578)

The Adapted DVD Player, model 1578, is designed for use by children and adults with fine motor, severe physical, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. This CD and DVD player has been adapted so the user has only to select the pause and play functions to control DVD s and CDs. A connected capability switch (not included) is used to select each function; however, the player can be used with or without a capability switch. Features include widescreen color LCD displa

Switch Adapted Dvd Player (Model H-35)

The Switch-Adapted DVD Player, model H-35, is an an adapted DVD player designed for use by individuals with fine motor, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities. The portable unit has a laptop mode and a tablet mode, and plays DVDs, audio CDs, and picture CDs. The remote is adapted with switch inputs for play/pause, rewind, and fast forward. Rewind and fast forward cycle through gradations from 2X to 32X with each switch press. The unit has a volume control and three headphone jacks. The po

YMB Optical Character Recognition Device

YMB is an optical character recognition device designed specifically for seniors and individuals who are blind or have low vision. With its magnification and voice output capabilities, YMB captures images of printed material using its built-in scanner, magnifies it up to 30x, and reads it aloud. It can recognize and read printed material in several different languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese). Users can also change the setting to adjust the


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