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Gas Cap Opener

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Aid For Removing Gas Cap.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Adapted knob turner can be used by those with limited hand function to remove automobile gas caps. Drill a hole in the center of a small piece of wooden rod or dowel that will serve as the handle. Epoxy a 1/4 by 6 inch rod into the handle. Weld a 1/2 inch U bolt to the other end of the rod. To use opener, hook the U bolt over the ears of the gas cap and twist. Another model, a wooden shaft with a handle is also described. SKILLS REQUIRED: Metalworking.

Gas Cap Wrench Opening/closing Aid

The Gas Cap Wrench, a tool that uses leverage to twist the automobile gas cap, helps users with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, post stroke, limited hand strength or dexterity open and close their gas cap. The Gas Cap Wrench fits over the gas cap’s raised handle, and its three turning slots allow the user to turn the cap to open and close it before and after fueling up. Made of heavy duty plastic, the tool has a solid handle that is angled for a comfortable grip. Plus, the multiple turning slots

Kinsman Gas Cap Tool, Model 21150

Kinsman Gas Cap Tool is designed for use by individuals with limited hand strength or grasping disabilities associated with arthritis or nerve injuries while opening or re-tightening gas caps on most makes of vehicles. The tool fits over the raised plate on the gas cap and its three turning slots allow use at most angles.

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