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Adult Manual Wheelchair with Power Assist

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RMB EV Multi-Point electric scooter

Designed for those who are not confined to a wheel chair.  Flat floor deck makes for easy mounting and higher seat allows for eye to eye contact with other people. Up to 30 mile range and fits through standard size door ways. Foldable handle bars and quick swap removable battery pack allows for easy transporting.The Multi-Point has reverse, horn, emergency brake, and the super popular USB ports to allow charging of cell phones and tablets while on the go.


The E-Move is a wheelchair designed for use by individuals with limited physical mobility.  The motor is built into the hub. The range has been extended by 20%. The extra width of the wheelchair has also been reduced by 10%.  The E-Move can be programmed to suit each user’s needs. It is also possible to have two programs and switch between them, for example, 1 for indoor use and 2 for outdoor use. Some examples of the adjustments that we can make for users are:  Power assist, between 0% and 100%

Tailwind Power-Assist Wheelchair

Tailwind Power Assist Wheelchair is designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. It is a manual wheelchair that provides on-board power when you need it. The Tailwind Power Wheelchair is designed to help users safely navigate terrain with discreet electronics that direct quiet motors to provide either a smooth boost of power or gentle breaking as required. It can be used uphill, downhill, on carpet and on uneven surfaces. POWER: Rechargeable battery, Dry Cell, NiMH 8.4 Ah. SIZES:

Whill Type-A Motorized Wheelchair

The WHILL Type-A Motorized Wheelchair is different from conventional wheelchair designs, mainly because the user sits in an active rather than an inactive position. The wheelchair can be leaned into, like a Segway or a bike, with a controller that can be manipulated with a single hand. The wheelchair also has a small turning radius and can easily be turned on a dime. Additionally, it can easily handle riding on difficult terrain like grass, gravel, snow and dirt. The chair has three different mo

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