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Voice Output Micrometer

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The CAL-10 is a caliper audio unit designed to provide talking readouts for standard digital micrometers or calipers for individuals who are blind or have low vision. It is a serial interface that plugs directly into the caliper and allows for clear, concise, natural voice annunciation (male or female) in English or metric, up to the furthest decimal expansion the micrometer supplies. A simple push of the button gives you the measurement in either spoken english or spanish. All sound is encoded

Talking Digital Tools: Dial Gauges, Micrometers, & Calipers

Digital tools that are to be used with their Digi-Voice Tool Module ( see separate entry). Precision instruments for machinists, mechanical/ industrial process control engineers, etc. to measure accurately to . 0001 inch. All instruments require separate cables. Choice of 2705 Dial Gauge .4-.8 inches for $285; 2736 Dial Gauge .8-1.2 inches for $299; 2735 Dial Gauge Stand for $95; 2710, 0-1 inch Micrometer for $195; 2711, 1-2 inch Micrometer for $245; 2712, 2-3 inch Micrometer for $295; 2713, 3-4

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