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Knot Tying Jig

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Ez Knot

EZ Knot is a knot tying jig designed for use by individuals with arthritis, upper extremity disabilities, or low vision. This knotting tool allows the user to tie any kind of fishing knot using four wraps and a tuck. The device has large grooves to aid in manipulating fishing line. Users with low vision can see the fishing line against the black tool. The device can be used with either the left or right hand. COLOR: Black.

Fishing Rod Holder And Accessories

CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a custom adaptation of a fishing rod holder and fishing accessories for an individual with brain injury and limited arm mobility. Since the individual could only use his right arm, adaptations needed to include tying the hook onto a fishing lineā€”an activity that normally requires two hands. First, a device was located and converted to one-hand use. The device was then mounted onto at an angle onto a piece of plywood, and then flexible polyurethane guides


The Ty-All is a fishing knot tying jig designed for use by individuals with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities or use of only one hand. This device ties knots in lures, and aids in threading hooks and cutting fishing line. The unit comes with mounting bolt and wing nut, line cutter and threader, and an instruction book.

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