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Seating Restraint

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Camharness (Model 1086)

The CamHarness, model 1086, is a school bus seat restraint designed for use by children with cerebral palsy or severe physical disabilities. This portalble harness-style restraint secures around a bus seat equipped with standard lap-belts (not included). The lap-belt threads through the loops on the harness to secure the passenger. Up to three passengers can fit on a single seat. A chest clip is included. CAPACITY: 30 to 80 pounds.

Sidelyer Strap, H-Straps, & Pelvic Strap

The Sidelyer Strap, H-Strap, and Pelvic Strap are restraint and positioning belts designed for use in conjunction with the large foam positioning shapes by the manufacturer (see separate entries). The straps are fabricated of Evazote foam for cushioning ithout bottoming out. The Sidelyer Strap is designed to support the body in proper alignment when positioned on its side. It comes in Adult and Child models, both available with a hole for a gastrostomy tube. The H-Straps form a harness and are u

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